Steele: DePaul’s length creates problems for Marquette

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Wednesday, March 7th
Ben Steele, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel joins us to preview Marquette’s Big East Tournament matchup against DePaul.  What was the problem in their first matchup?  Will a healthy Markus Howard be the difference maker?

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Radio chills on Zoellick in for the big unit today bill will be back tomorrow. The Marquette Golden Eagles. It's a Wisconsin dean Nancy get into the big dance right I like Marquette is the last hope right now. And I think this team coming into the season and some higher expectations because of the fact that they got into the tournament. Steve border how ski trying to build that program up it doesn't help the situation when guys are transferring out as well and he Cheatham was the latest guy to transfer armor cat. But here they are there in the big east tournament. And they employees and their basketball as of late they've won four of their last five. But the team that they lost to is a team that they're playing tonight in the first round. And that's de Paul who sucks and joining us now Bonnie Schneider orange hotline is Ben steal all the Milwaukee journal sentinel who is live from the Big Apple. Then things are coming out again how are you. Page later on I'm live from the you know Whitney museum of art in now. New York City. It's nice cut deal turn and Michael turned out for the group start and it. Absolutely if you checked out beyond the nine elevenths summit as I know that's that's one of things you have to see out there. Epithet on the docket her the next couple days yeah for sure Walt let's talk about this game tonight. And I just. Looked Marquette is a team. Then I believe. Can get on some serious runs and can be a serious threat not some big east tournament but also in the NCAA tournament. The thing I don't understand is why couldn't they beat DePaul the last time what was the thing that was killing them. Yes look good in the that street game. And her loudly as to fouls in the first minute and forty seconds. So that candidate Barack there rent them. And if your maverick that first game that market Aaron came back after he had hip injury yet. At Creighton that he sat out the next game. And even against DePaul Padilla to come up the basket rather got that foul trouble. But he disputed that saying and in fact markets probably been looked at payments so. This season finale against Creighton where he looks just outstanding though it was it was a weird game and Apollo. They've got some sort of like on defense especially in our guard that I can. Gave. Gave Marquette a little trouble and then what. Marquette gave up nineteen offensive rebounds which you know never good it's O. No it really isn't that Marquette. Former rebounding standpoint reminds me of Milwaukee blocks which is that they can't they can't get any boards right now. And I'm convinced spend that this they're not a good rebounding team and I just don't see how it gets any better I mean. Do they do they have guys coming in next year that can actually help from rebounding standpoint because that's the thing that I feel like it's gonna burn them here. It in the big east tournament if any. Yeah. They got Ed Morrow pitched for from Nebraska he's going to be eligible next season. Every time election and practice he'd just. Is that either beast on the board yeah you're right and it's affecting the big. Twelve rebounds and again and so he's definitely Stephanie what they need next season. Dharma bend steel of the Milwaukee journal sentinel he is out of New York City tonight Kristi Marquette Golden Eagles played at 830 against the Paul. In the first round of the big east tournament. That to be seen on FS one assured should really be a good game but mom I want to talk about danger arouse the meaning he's just he's an 87 a hell of a year. On has been part of this you know this dynamic trio that market's been able to put out every night. He's definitely going to be one of the X factors here for these guys. Yep and he's struggle against DePaul but the last two games. Start with app overtime against Georgetown at nine points in overtime against George. If they go ahead basket and then. Pretty much only are your listeners public about it that the senior night performance. Against Creighton but with. It's something to behold especially those three long range bomb he had in the second half probably. 33 point has probably combined distance of 95 heaters and make sense. Well you know we're looking at other guys here of course Marcus Howard as well I you know what when I serve when I saw Marcus Howard last year in action. It this kid has sold much potential and he is just a dominant scoring threat he's going. Look I think Marcus Howard will be in the NBA at some point but there's no reason to fear. That markets Howard's lead in the program any time soon right. Not now I don't think so. I think scale in the accounts of how they want to see him handle the ball a little more which shall probably have to do that he then went with gravity graduating this year. And definitely improved offensively I think she's got a. He made some strides I think it's been a long way to go on that and to. Well you know we look at it here we talk about markets are we talk about Angel rousing Sam Houser is also haven't really did years while. And and they provide just so much offense and it's why I think. If all three of these guys are firing on all cylinders. They can shock some people I just see that happen and what F but after eagles' three bands. Who is another guy that people should be paying attention to in this game from Marquette. I think the car annum. You know he's he's Marquette that the that the player on on ball defender. You'll probably be garden extreme. And I that he's opposed leading scorer. Give a little bit of a trouble and that that the polls went to Chicago and to Connor has. Struggled offensively in the last two games I don't think he's scored but in the last two games but the five or six games before that it really. Sure a lot of improvement offensively I think he was averaging and then those previous five or six game over double digit Fiat 24 point. In that big win. At Creighton the next comeback. Ability to declare it take to watch in the big east tournament. The Arab and steal the Milwaukee journal sulfur couple more minutes again Marquette and DePaul plane tonight. Out at Madison square garden and OK so. I think a lot of people are asking themselves. What is it going to take for mark Katz to get that big into the NCAA tournament is beating the Paul and then beating no Bach. Is that enough to get the man or are they gonna have to go deeper than that. I think I think UN should do it. As. Being the pol that's not gonna do it by itself but if you look at Villanova victory on top of that against the you know that a virtue team in the nation. It is a quite victory but still that that quadrant one victory that march had been lacking in. Is probably be there. Tending on how they think it made it six squad around victory so. That would be pretty key for their litany. I think he would do it now if they go one and one. Who knows and answer is up in the air patrol at that will be the big sweat that out on selection Sunday is the one and one. Yeah yeah I I gotta think it at least who would give them a chance at least for a pit lane in game. But he but again I think this team is capable of get not Iran. And surprise scene matches the Paul matches although but even beyond that I I think they have that income. And that this might my final question band. In the expectations for next year and obviously it was since Walsh took over. He has yet to really put Marquette as a top 25 a consistent top 25 team in college basketball. Is there pressure on what Joseph going to next year. I think that I can get ratcheted up next season can. It help them build toward that you look at the team next year. Market Howard junior Sam Albert a junior gets to. He returning players maybe two of the past three or four players returning in the big east next year and the new ad and Mario mentioned earlier into the banks. Chilly out there on top. Did he recruit into the mix. And you know. He held on the three freshman played here Macon and additionally now season. I gotta think that they would probably be ranked in the top 25 start this season next year and that. And the press has done this year. Yeah I'm starting to feel the same way as well he has been steal of the Milwaukee journal sentinel. Joining us from New York City again Marquette and DePaul tonight. First round of the big east Germans should be a lot of fun Ben thanks a lot endow we will talk to down the road okay. Are there Patrick Bradley on yep you got it and he joined us on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now. They work hard you work hard to ensure you fear for eighty plus years they've been getting it done you can call 1844. Pride. 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