Steele: How many more wins can Marquette net in the Big East?

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Wednesday, January 24th
Ben Steele, Marquette Hoops Beat Writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, preview Marquette vs Xavier. What does he think is the biggest problem with this young roster?

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A big win coming up for mark Katz. Daon Xavier. And where they have. Let's really good basketball. Then remark cats when you talk about Marquette. For awhile there and I remember just years and your career gear. You're looking at this thing on mandate that you may just find some shooters holy mackerel finish finds shooters anybody. Anybody beyond the arc and now thought. They're bonded from everywhere. They've got some other chinks in the armor but this team can shoot. They're sitting at 43 in the big east thirteen and six overall Xavier comes in at six into within eighteen in three overall records. And one of the better teams in the country can Marquette get past them let's find out more as we talked to a bend steel Milwaukee journal sentinel covering covering the program. I don't know what's going on. What appellate spectrum out here then thanks for joining us for a couple minutes of me is what you've seen so far out of this Marquette team. But like you mentioned off the top there the shootings just incredible. Two of the best shoot in the nation some would argue probably three if you threw him out there and their. Markets already named around me. And the other by the calling and they struggled for consistency I should say they called it a few moments here and there. Everyone knew that was going to be the issue of anonymity than me they're gonna score. Just find that you can have consistently distorted that but yet they can take a kid man make that three pointers that make up for a lot of mistake. They are coming into this game obviously one of the top teams in the country so is this this team. Boy they do a lot well they've got a big point guard they've got the ability to put it in from the outside they clean glass extremely well the best part about Xavier is. If you ally in transition they police are really tight lock down defense how tough is it gonna be to get past him. Yet can be tapped it in me that that defense that earlier talking about. The sabres got a lot of weapons that starts with glue it. Look era you know finally the lightning round for a lot of college basketball friends but. He could really good player like on both ends of the floor and I think he's done he's hard so that team with the best player by far. Thank security gates he scored 27 point. It is all game and they beat Seton Hall here. He's relentless and it is that gonna have to keep they get all the pain keep them from dread in the ball I think that that's going to be acute and I. This hits us senator where they're gonna be playing tonight weird place to play it says it's it's not your typical. 16171000. Seat Marino for big time college basketball it's not it's it's a smaller. More intimate setting but man does that please get well Marquette not only fighting today or tonight they're fighting that crowd. Yeah actually I've never been there before that I can be my first and there I'll it's a weird join us yeah. I get last year I remember watching him on TV but. Market I'm 95 autumn last year and kind of ruin their senior 1980 yourself. The returning players say they analytical about there. So what is Marquette have to do do you believe not only from here on but dom talk and not only tonight but from here on out to be able to get themselves in position to not. Just be good in the big east don't get me wrong maybe get a few wins and big east tournament but I'm talking about getting to determine because is the team I believe that has a tournament potential and while I don't think you're off. There a final fourteenth I think you're going to get a couple wins. Yeah I mean they've got to get on but once they get and I mean again. And with anybody really am in those reporters are following that there have to beat and he did and I think penalties and that's you know making 99 in the big east would get them and so. They're on track with all that. This week. Two big game you know bigger tonight that they got Villanova Patrick Villanova at the premise and on Sunday. If they could get one of those plans that are can be tough. Ask that that would certainly. Boosters that are not bolster their their tournament resume had to take a quick break them if they lock up these games. And so think they can do enough work over the recipes and again but if they get one of these this week it would be going to be huge market. What are you like go about this team what are you dislike about this Marquette team. Cool black. It's hard not. Shooting. The best part about this team their their fun to watch men and get going. When Howard route if you let it it's. It's an exciting brand about basketball the watch. What I don't like that the team but my music that that. Into some just some. Defensive mistakes they make from time to panic and afoul. To make. Even the guard even harder route attendance and it makes it down south lake and found in the back court. Forty feet from the basket contend again. It's happened a lot this season again foul trouble in the first and they had to kind of staggered those guys a little bit yes on themselves credit. Like the papacy of. Over and under tonight on a 180 points. Cool if talk about what would get three year for the top scores in the big east they're reporting tonight. I was in 9187. In the first game and Marcus Howard didn't mention dialogue like an excuse to one of eight on trees. And but you 480. 180 and again you're denying both teams. Yeah and a bit because then I. I think it's a little under but is it because. Point three point from blew it last time fifteen per Ahmet kuril. What musketeers in the morning despite rousing putting on that shooting clinic with 31 there what do you 63 corners and at last game between these two teams. Yeah I it's it's man I tell you what I like they're coach to coach Mac is Izzy is a good guy he's an x.s and those very good game schemer. What's your view. She like whoa whoa Joe's been able to do the issue because he started out with a team that he really needed to figure out and then the mold started to be kind of cast so to speak. Yeah I hate. Yeah and we've talked about defense a lot these last couple minutes but I I think he's starting to get it with these guys. Especially the that the young freshman at three freshmen that are planned this year. Craig Elliott I think he's going to be a really great defense of player he RT I mean Arty shell. The ability to do that you volcanoes that criticism of the chart and the wild card dispute he's a big hole continued. That the early getting here is this just fell machinist art from the sale on the court. Without picking up 2003. Minutes and but he the last couple games he's he's really shown a lot and I think defensively they're getting there. It's just it's there's young roster and it. They just haven't got the consistency down yet. Big he's always been one of the biggest and strongest basketball conferences in the country this year obviously Villanova Xavier others provenance is great news Seton Hall. How teams do you think you mean what is Marquette to me would need at least. Six more wins. To be in the tournament in May be a winner too in the in the post season to be in the tournament. Vietnam silly in the in looking at that the that would give them what 67 wins there seventeens I don't know if there that the a. That they can. I think seven I think I think that think they seek for evidence there. Okay at which would then put market in the term debts RB RW Ackerman and no doubt fantastic just better appreciated as always meant thanks so much. Okay. Beriault that is bent steel Milwaukee journal sentinel be righter coming Marquette in Xavier he's enjoy this and tell us your medicine tests Energen. Like nerve in the sense and it really. You were down there once never are OK I'd never or never been OK I've numbers and I've never been in the state of Ohio the the same time senator seek. The bid the it's kind of a long story but back when Bob Huggins was that you see a mean basketball is on the rise there was not only talk about the the crosstown shootout. Which is now called crosstown showdown because the worst shoot out was politically correct so it's always been Xavier and Cincinnati. Any Xavier bounced around they were in the 810 for a while and finally being a non football school ended up landing in the big east and Mac is it meet your marriage that motto was a cause all of it back when Pete Gillen was the head coach. But then fed Mata took over took it to another level and he goes off to Ohio State now Mac is there and he's been really really good. I'll put it it started to really grown prominence because they're getting national exposure because a UC because a Cincinnati and Bob Huggins plant and every year. And then all of a sudden Xavier got some good recruits they certainly get on the rise as so they decided to build this this on campus site. Usually the shot and our he's be something else cited some fieldhouse was crappy. I had I know that I won a a regional final game there back when I played eighty basket that I do and at my first time on a college court. But that being said they ended up building this into us that are but they didn't think they would be that good so they wanted to do conservatively. And now you do that please disorder all the time is I think it's only only holds like 1010121000. People talk to it's it's not very big. It is billed kind of weird. It's it's a unique place to go in Cincinnati by the way he's giving a whole new marine they're building new push to Shoemaker centers no longer big enough and they XP and it. They expanded would have expanded expanded done departs stadium because they built that the toll of soccer stadium in their two cousy got FC Cincinnati. So that whole area for basketball. When I when I did sports radio and and there it was Xavier UC Kentucky Louisville. People there still like Notre Dame Ohio State Indiana. Was all in Miami of Ohio which you were Ben Roethlisberger when seated talks in college football regarding Miami of Ohio. That's all within a hundred miles. It's all it's amazing it's all really good snowfall than a hundred miles we covered it all who it was it was a it was a hotbed for college basketball with Xavier. Finally probably back on and on top and they've been doing some really really good things so they're going to be a tough team to beat but boy it would be nice feather in the cap of Marquette on the road. Could go and get a big time win tonight that would be at one of those resume builders have to looking for. When it comes of the NC double interment. Ben joint is by the way on the shot or challenge shatter our drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years that they get it done call 844 predator Schneider jobs dot com.