Temple: Badgers are trying to diversify Jonathan Taylor’s route running

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Thursday, April 12th

Jesse Temple, Badgers Beat Writer for Landof10.com, discusses the latest from Spring Camp.  Is this Badgers WR core for real? Who are some of the freshman we should pay attention to?


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I Jesse temple from badgers the badge be ready from land of ten dot com Jesse I don't they mail it's going on. You're out Harry bill while I'm known finally should ought to sit outsider stand on the feel older and what's supposed to be inclement weather this coming weekend is they've canceled the spring game right. You have then they were spoke at a spring game tomorrow night but that school officials met. Yet stray or two days ago and and decided that the inclement weather was too much in the in moderate to have a bunch people. Make their plans are on the way to let it happen. So now they're just bigger and may see you basically should I say make it a practice and you know a spring practice is different because today and we heard from Johnson telling missile awhile ago. Just crazy let's say hey look this is where you try out some new things you try to install some things that you worked on last year may be home a few things. But as we just trying to kind of set the stage for getting better going into next season. You had it been. Like to go back to the spring game helping to cancellation evident that big deal at all. Especially at a place that Scott and beat. It's all about development and in the game you don't see a lot of partners and that a convoluted current system and another. It but I think they'll get more out of having their regular practice that it will tomorrow night in and at east at. They're working on a lot of different things and its interest in you mentioned Taylor because. All cricket spent basically the first twenty minutes of every practice this spring working individually. With Taylor on this route running giving them little pointers after every route. And they're trying to diversify it in Saudi did last year it was one of the best running back in the country each and add that dynamic that would make him an every down back. And nick it's not that the two article and become even more interest. Here's a question when it comes to route running I mean obviously they wanna use him there than what I and then when I'm. Not only make him better in and make him for a viable for them. But it also TD catch passes out of the backfield becoming a passing league it makes him a lot more viable when he moves on to the next level. Yet he put a lot more on tape. Certainly nick and mark eyeball and and it still appears to go for that yet a lot to learn at the college level out certainly route running is one of them picking up protection. And it went on Stockton earlier this week eat that when you come in and freshman year to strangler in the playbook and understand exactly what my responsibility are. But it you get into your stop career ending in it to disperse spring practice he can beat it he came. In the summer. He's starting to look at well what are the state irritations like arrogant or respond if we run a play in this direction and at some I think he's working on in addition. You left figuring out how to not on the ball because that was one of the big by the news that can latch or for everything that he didn't expect that certainly have a lot to learn. In a few years to talk a lot about it and about prospects are. We also know it's all about quarterback play I mean when we we did right on the brass tacks of it it is they're going to be legit quarterback competition. Or is just point but the guy eight hands down I mean Lou without any discussion I mean it is is this. Are they opening things up to actually take a look in other directions or not. Or ever get the guys there's no discussion whatsoever. You know check on them to me look like the backup quarterback. Yeah it would have been great if you have checked pushed. Alex in the hypothetical world are playing kinda you know that. That's not gonna happen I mean out of the clear at number one quarterback. And I think that if you step back and evaluate it first stop beaten it was pretty phenomenal other than that I interception rate ticking and stuck and early or be a quarterback that threw more than in but. You're out they had an uncanny ability to sponsor no date he threw his second touchdown and they looked beaten up and people forget you don't look at Richard's house street going to be a lot better in its genius even. And I would all that data not the urgent that's an excellent job of getting one to quarterback eight recruiting class so you know whenever out and done that they'll add an option afterward. Does a look in you know of like a very good football team and obviously there's a lot of people talking. About them but they also have more difficult schedule this upcoming is not going to be the schedule they had last year they're not going to be. At least you would assume not going to be favored. In every game pretty much the way the way they were last year this year is approving here. Yeah the big game that you look to right away at eleven have to play at Michigan. The play at and stated I mean that it be any that we note an extremely typical. But they don't have that marquee nonconference game there in all three games at home western that unit can be layered so. You know they're gonna have to beat some good team or they wanna get where they wanted out so. For people who were complaining about perceived lack of schedule strength last year and they're going to be tested this year. And beat you to detention if they're gonna have to be at top ten team they wanna get into the play out though. I still think that they've got a really good shot to get there. But you know a lot to see how about play data to me that it be sent out response is we note the octopus in a lot of new movie keep it on. I was just gonna ask you about the wide receivers Taylor and Davis and prior and pro malts and you start going through that list how good how how good is the weaponry that that corner brook quarter. Jack Hornaday is gonna have to throw to. It could get a great screener along narcotic we've got on display a little bit Latino of course cricket he is while they're getting hurt which gave more opportunity to act like he is tailored to any game it. Kendrick bragging of that group of four you know a lot of actors. Mr. on their way out also say that the tight end group is going to be pretty alliger expert and young had a lot she seems like at every app. That's earned his way out but even beyond that there are two freshman that are on it at an early enrollees for spring practice how to stop look. And your approach and they've had some really special moment. Each spring practice. It even to de Croce and and acrobatics he yard touchdown pat an up and looked at it and you start that apple patents but you know the future's bright lighters he did it got a lot of athletes and crew checked maybe they'll threaten the plate and while the derby kick return equally honored that you count. But he got really dynamic skill set. You know one thing we don't talk about nearly up Gately domain has been really solid for them for very long time house is special teams going to look the season is upcoming series. What year I mean happy Elarton. In particular tracker now partly naked you within forty yards are illegal Armenians almost money in each of the unit to ER as well so. Eat eat at the gate in his career where you'll like it should be perfect every time that lack confidence that and I wanna bet figures in the country. You know in terms of punting I think anybody got a lot better stock more C came at the freshman and and earned the job at not down. I think that overall they're going to be strong and it just they'll probably don't certainly they're gonna have to return kicks butt. You know that's not an it's one of the three Sager that they overlooked the most but it wanted to Scott doesn't beat itself. That it should be upset it's it's near the another double digit win even for the badgers. I would just double badgers beat writer for land of ten dot com out of the west who is the strongest in your opinion behind the badgers. That's a good question I honestly don't know the answer right now I mean I don't know what's stock Procter and into the practice how quick that suppose the turnaround will be adding it'll take some time. And to me it's every year like Iowa it's needing to Brett. You know I don't know about northwestern and I'm not sold on Minnesota. There was a lot of fight going into the key just like here but that tactical party candidate to be I'm of the belief that until some other team and elect. Can show that they can actually win elected it certainly outside of I was one under your biggest either out of there with Scott and every year for the foreseeable future. See I I completely agree argues the I think the hope is release for the Big Ten is that eventually Iowa. Minnesota. Nebraska all begin to come around and release or to restock those programs. And and and get themselves right I every year Minnesota says well this is our year we've got things going in the right direction I don't see anything out of Minnesota U I mean I don't see anything there right now it's gonna say there's gonna be anybody truly threatening the badgers. For the top spot in the west. Yeah I don't disagree with you you know produced a pretty good strike to Robert B but he on that. I hate I don't hear consistent challenger in your Pakistan. And I get that good and it's not a bad because you're not in your schedule strength is playing teams that are being each other out then you know not actually think that. That's why those games in the east is so important when you played Michigan at an eight and when you get a chance but I dignity to achieve which game. Because you know what has been able to touch was not particularly remarkable. How far off each other Q are from the actors in a split in the east and west detention. And also when it comes to the mounted to the defense Julian mentioned that a little bit who's a mile question marks a secondary a lot younger. Well yes the Obama alcohol like younger you know they're losing three starters nick now the last school year early. And you know Derek Tyndall as well and so. There's a lot to figure out there but I think there's a lot of talent and there are plenty confident easily DDR. And decoded Dickens is the clear cut leader had to participate in spring practice because recovered from entry so that give a lot of opportunity. Two different cat in a Patrick jockey to meet the other starter opposite to go to Dayton and and named watch now and registered it lacked here Albuquerque at the very and that's eight Ian. And then at cornerback. You know that and don't need someone who looks like eat that emergency starter. You only played in might a few games black unit got a minute in New York school at night at street that there's a lot of competition. At the cornerback spot on security lines in the is one of the starters but it's good to see that just seems to be an awful lot of Al even though they don't have a lot of experience. Just don't go to Jack it will stay tuned stay reading and then now we'll talk more down the road okay. Bridget touches and they are Jesse temple badgers be rightfully in the ten dot com there's a lot of question marks defensively speaking. Regarding his team going into the season hopefully some of these questions begin to kind of worked themselves out and and as camp gets under way. And the fall begins to come upon this than the badgers are primed and ready ago put a you reached judge Jessie stuff there again land of ten dot com that's land of ten Dodge County tourism shutter or China life.