Temple: Can any slack be cut for Badger hoops?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 13th

Jesse Temple, Badgers Beat Writer for Landof10.com, discusses the basketball team’s struggles. Is there any hope for the future? How strong is the Big Ten?


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Shall we Jesse temple the badgers be right of the land of ten dot com now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Jesse I don't. Itself want total well it's probably not the most pleasurable time to be covering Wisconsin badger basketball for the first time in a long time not only than that commendable they 500 plus record budget. They're not had to return and anytime soon gimme your synopsis of the season. Well a lot to the top four guards in I hit everybody but if you take that apple guard that they cut faculty America he let that team looks like in this authority interview with absentee coming into the season that was probably going to struggle to. To get to the NCAA determined. He thought maybe they have a chance when you take me to try and Kobe came out of the mix. You know that you basically playing with one and a half. Guards right now yet reverend pretzel and Brad davis' and playing with a bad left shoulder and I think that lack of depth has really weighed on this team throughout the season and we're seeing it here down the stretch. So. What is on the horizon I guess because for those that really got down on great guard down the program look at things said man this isn't this isn't close team Bo wouldn't be putting up with us and he would haven't turned around. Give me the synopsis of this thing moving forward. Well when you get Kobe came into major trek back and really. You've got all your guard back in a statement Trevor Anderson as the transfer it was very good at the freshmen Green Bay averaged about ten points per game eat that out this year in the transfer to Wisconsin under NCAA rules. Added that directorate that you've got five or six guards backed probably gonna be any get a little more production out of your front court and what happened on the recruiting trail will that be able to find someone else for 2018. Tina coaches are obviously going to let. Whether it's the prep school route of the graduate transfer out. But they're gonna have a pretty solid top eight I think. And they're gonna have a chance to be winning team again next season I know ban the freaking out right now. If you're certainly has not gone according to plan. But you know I wouldn't jump off the budget yet on that there's basketball. Do you think third cup for next year. That's our creative staff I. I don't know if they'd be stopped or I would like to think that they certainly could be in the top half of the Big Ten and intense for an NCAA tournament spot. I'm especially if you have either kept coming back that would potentially be a two time all American it. You know experience doesn't guarantee anything but I think it's certainly would help would consider how many freshmen at the latest here with. He re reciprocated in Italy reported the redshirt freshman as well they become became back. I think got a chance. Be the good the team itself I it's hard when you lose and you lose consistently not. Let it get TU. Had you seen this team in any way shape or form because he added that the way we look at a coach is not just wins and losses but it's when things are bad. How this coach gets his guys to play form how has this Tim team responded great guard. Well the thing that impressed me most of it is not going to be seen nick quit and that and that's sometimes become the cliche well they they never gave up but they never quit but left they're down fifteen to do it Michigan. They're down 53 to 28 on the verge of completely being embarrassed that the colts center. And it 125 point deficit down to that and now whether the very pretty game of course not the badgers need to start better than that they didn't start very well against northwestern in the previous game at home. But this team keep fighting and I think that's encouraging and I hear a lot about. No substitution pattern that and Greg at the coaching I mean there's just not a lot to work with right now and he's doing the best begin with the players they have. And he needs to know what he's gonna get from those guys when he put them in the game and Italy bitty note with some of the guys that that's why they're in the situation there and in part. When you look at the rest of the Big Ten how strong is it. Well the top is pretty darn good yeah I mean there are fourteen is clearly in the NC turn and I think Nebraska will wind up there a cap to continue to win games that you look at. Purdue at twelve and now and then a lot back to back into Ohio State Michigan State. And Ohio State which we didn't think would be. Nearly as good as its first that they Kenya's boat at least Purdue at Michigan State. He definitely think our final four contenders they'll I think it played like it at this point in Michigan as well so that top teams they're very good direct that scene just kind of beat each other up. Well your own is good really is trying to eat your your your bottom half so when you look at the bottom half a comparison. When you look directors you know it was a Minnesota they're struggling this season obviously Wisconsin is Iowa Illinois. When you look at the bottom half Powell. It in in standings to other. There you know other conferences. How strong is it is isn't really weak back end or is it a better back in the most it just tens of getting beat up on. By the cream of the crop of the Big Ten. That's part for me to compare delta the other teams in conferences. Across the country in that. The bat is their bad Illinois not a very good team you know Wisconsin won two games since January 2 in both those went the elegant still and I act. I don't think Rutgers that the particularly did see that without went down there and lock them I would Minnesota are two of the biggest surprises. And disappointment as well northwesterly as street team that that would have a chance to crack the top board reached the NCAA tournament so. Well they haven't played very well I think that they are capable of it I think again that the worst teams are are not very ged. But the ones in the middle can beat anybody else believed. What went to northwestern last year so much hype about northwestern getting into the tournament in it was just a great story. And this year and after writing a momentum it's fallen off bad I thought that they would I agree with you I thought that was one of the bigger surprises this team and be ready to fly other than pitino's team in in Minnesota but they had their own issues. Voight will what is happening northwestern. Yeah it's hard for me to David that they got to almost everybody back in the air no guarantees in sports you know I. I've been an exam right Macintosh that he was the freshman and thought he would be able to lead this team its value in the that was certainly one of the better backcourt in the Big Ten and you look great out there. Fifteen and eleven overall pick the seventh in the conference they're just right there in the middle. And to me again one of the bigger disappointment considering what they were able to achieve lefthander Chris can't make the NCA turn it. For the first time in program if he thought they were definitely getting it back but it just shows that there are no guarantees. Yeah I wanna switch gears on you real quick and Gordon the football so I think before I let you go talk with Jesse temple by the way from a land of ten dot com. The badgers beat writer gimme your give me the you know kind of break out of the hall that they got in your opinion for the kids that they have coming in the recruiting class. Well for 28 Italy but it's a pretty typical Scot and clapping that you've got a lot of guys who are undervalued on a national level it's gotten finished outside the top forty nationally. The twenty Chinese nineteen are considered three star players but I thought they. Addressed a lot of positions of need particularly on the defense the line and in the secondary and these are going to be guys that form the backbone of the program down the road so. It in the eye popping glad noble when it was Scott never had one now play nineteen could be a different. It's story we're not there yet. That had a chance to be special plaque in the that we've ever seen but that's partly eighteen if the big group. Perfect stopped stub is always in they'll all catch him moving forward as well I know it did this team had been room with some injuries like you said they haven't quit I've been impressed with that put. IE you know so your your your motto and everybody is don't jump off the vote right now all right. You add up but I would say Italy for the first time in twenty years they have an idiot it turned but they're been a pretty good team like the Kentucky's of the world very recently that didn't make the tournament then. You know not not competitive programs but it happened and out basketball. Bad debts except a bridge is always okay. Thank dodge assume they don't that's it. Good stuff is always Jesse temple joining us for couple minutes on the Schneider orange allies.