Temple: Hornibrook can lead this team to wins

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Tuesday, October 17th

10/17/17: Jesse Temple of Landof10.com discusses the undefeated Wisconsin Badgers. What is this team’s biggest concerns? What will it take for Jonathan Taylor to be in the Heisman conversation?


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Jesse temple a veteran beat reporter. For a land of ten dot com now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Jessie how you don't is that is about a pretty good synopsis of where this team is right now. I think you summed it up pretty darn well built six you know right now I haven't played their best football and yet. It's in the country and there are going to be favorite ever regular season game the rest of the way so you know it's never happened before that got that at twelve and a regular season that. He said things are shaping up about as well as you could possibly hope that your batters and. So looking at this team as they are right now high bid there not a juggernaut offensively they're not to does this locked down shut out defense but. You look at their second half numbers compare the first step numbers of ball games. What is it that he does or gives them an halftime because their numbers are staggering coming out of the locker room at halftime. Yeah I don't know if there's some magic potion derelict there I mean maybe that have to do that they make adjustments that halftime they don't get a lot of time in a locker room but. You know that's part of that and I just think that this team has the talent to win the game of nonaligned. They managed to put their foot on the ethical and I know what your bag is that you let it happen earlier but. It's seventy audit the brat in the third quarter and that kind of teetering on the brink barely in the perfect season and it scored 21 unanswered points and pounded down her throat. With twenty straight runs you know there's there's a one possession game against northwestern and the coach Dixon come up with a huge safety. The collegiate and then against Purdue they have to have a possession where they don't give the ball back. Article eight minutes plot and and get 61 downs. And so I just think they just have that ability to do it and inflict that light switch now there might be some games we're gonna have to do a little bit earlier so we'll see what happens down the stretch. So. I guess my question is is who we were talking had a forty wrote the other day and eat. He has had a BYU game and a lot of people still well you know the BYU game that was a coming out party which he was good but he isn't humor really replicate that sends. It looks like he is what years now how much better has he gotten in your opinion. Yeah I certainly didn't do it and that didn't big tent planet I'll agree with you there are five interceptions. You can't have a pick six like after against the practice into markets Purdue. I think it somewhere in between Willie Ian Baker and play and what he did against BYU you know he's still. Indeed one of the better quarterbacks in the big and he's second in the league in pass efficiency right now on it I understand it's some of those numbers could be inflated from the BYU game but even if you took that out. And it registered about that the public if he's still one of the top in the top half. The Big Ten quarterbacks so. Beneath the guided you know if you keep them upright as long as he doesn't get under pressure that's when he kinda. And it was with a browser he can find receivers and they have. Five legitimate weapons that receiver and haven't always had that so you know I think he's the type of guy. That can lead this team to wins and not just be a so called game manager which a lot of top quarterbacks get that not. Defensively speaking. How and how good is this team idea at times I I watched teams move the football against him and then they then they really become a fortress and then there's other times where it looks like. Their right place right time and almost as if they're in the huddle listening to offensively what though opponents are running against them. I thought the for the see that this was still a top fifteen top twenty defense despite the fact they hear it their defense that coordinator in three years. I still believe that it's it's come to fruition here in the first effort is and they they've been incredible when their backs are against the law particularly in the red zone. You know they've given up five touchdowns in nineteen red zone possessions which is unbelievable that pops and yet yet. So you know a bit relied on their defense throw up a big part of this season we saw that again against Purdue I really don't have many questions about that. How good this defense is my biggest question and concern moving forward is. Can't account that often cut down on turnovers. And and that scene stopped committing penalties because. They were one of the least penalized team in the FBS last year they ranked second in that category and other in the sixties though to need those the real areas of concern. The the second or you mentioned you know kind of the areas of concern secondary downfield. At times it doesn't necessarily look as if it's a a physical thing if console looks like there might be a little bit of confusion have you noticed that as well. I think there's been a couple plays where they were miscommunication I remember a long. Three yard touchdown pass against Florida Atlantic which never should've happened the kind of went out and vote. In other big guys weren't able to communicate very well but you know I feel like for the most part those types of big plays have been limited. Any I I think this team that you go back and able the Latino won its first six games with that 2011 in the Russell Wilson money ball. I would stop that he was to me that it navigated that any debate that the big plays you look at the Michigan State hail Mary in the Ohio State game. I don't see that communicate with this year's defense that's when the game and on they seem to make all the right decisions. What do you think because they need now to continue to forge forward and and maybe even do the kids take up for question a little bit further. What is the next game that you would say it either a very difficult game or that trap game that Camille lurking. Get there at the trap game and I know the guy that he would never you know admit that. IDC that game at Indiana on November 4 as a potential trap game just because India and the team that always seems to be. A little bit better than you expecting you mentioned that the opted to Michigan over time. Neal playing on the road it is never easy but. To me it's it's that three game stretch at the end of the news as he set I would Michigan Minnesota Michigan game is going to be a big Ian could be the only correct you know out and plays. Although the wolverines haven't really looked like a a pretty it's in the last couple weeks so. I think doesn't against the let's get it into me it goes back to the things that parity that you know I don't have many questions about this defense but there's gonna come the time the opposite gonna have to come up. With a big plays and they do it in the big moments against the team that matter. Thought we Jesse temple other value be reporter for a land of ten dot com. As this season's progressed how do you think Leonard's defense has progressed. A lot I think they've been really get it yeah I had a story on Jim last week did the fact that he's even in the positions beat Al unbelievable as football IQ is because two years ago. He was basically volunteer assistant helping out people and they would come in early in the week break down film. And they didn't even know update you to any information he gave him an hour period in this spot. And I think. Think that he you'd like that the strength of the defense though and I thought that players about this if Leon tickets and hot and and he's getting off the edge outside linebacker. Let's keep splitting with and and so and I think a lot of the defense is similar to what we saw last year with Justin Wilcox but. They'd just really seems like Jim played for the straight to these guys and let them be free out there and have fun. DO all the talk about Jonathan Taylor area is justified I don't get me wrong budget what is the likelihood first of all that he continues to put put of these kind of numbers. And as he does what then legitimizes or ball to him in to pursue a top three top four more talk about the Heisman candidacy. In the right now is definitely in the top five of the hype and conversation and if you look at a lot of national publication that that keep track of that. He seems to be around that right now and it's it's gonna take Gupta continuing to win because they'll keep the that is the national picture. And Jonathan to have these ridiculously big game that he's having I don't know if we need to rest for 200 yards every outing but. He's he's been unbelievable I mean it's better than anybody could've imagined for freshmen you know he's he's taken a lot of scary. But he seemed to handle it well and and you know the proof is in the putting you get that under 64 yards rushing per game. I it'll be interesting to see how many carried the other running back yet because they're going to be vital that guys like Brad rickshaw and Christians when he it would come back from injury. And receiving even even your growth sector had cute cute round against Purdue at the end of the games though. You know no doubt job and at the big part of it and I think there's the legitimate chance that he could be I don't finalist they keep that stuff. The one thing one restaurant a look at the rest of us statistics is he's averaging seven point eight yards per carry. Yes it's not like he's just a five yards a carry got a seven point eight yards per carry you talk about down and distance. I mean that's the guys make any offense chug when it comes to second down on third down for this team. Oh absolutely is that thing that struck me even in the first couple games look like whenever defenders seemed to break through and it looked like he added that the right. Dealership in have to make that first dime if and he's strong and powerful enough. The push the pile forward so it just it doesn't seem like there's going to be very many plays that result a lot yardage and you look you know he. He. Period 127 times this year any block eleven total yards on the carry that means. That just speaks to how powerful talent that he is that Matt Light guard for Jerry ever just so I. Jesse great stuff man double will talk more on the road because is this team continues to chug along like he says the national intentions gonna ratchet up and we'll continue to discuss the possibilities as hopefully this team continues to win ball games so appreciate it pal touches down. Are not they don't Jesse Campbell badgers beat writer and reporter for land of ten dot com the land of ten dot com you can read his stuff there and.