Velazquez: Is Lopez the starting center?

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Wednesday, July 11th
Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also gives us the latest on the Jabari Parker contract situation. Can this Bucks team make a quick turnaround when it comes to defending the 3 under Mike Budenholzer?

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Let's at these Schneider awards hotline and while command now on the Bucs beat its Matt Alaska's of the journal sentinel. Matt how are you Tim here. I'm go to WW. Thank you and I was really jealous of you and being out in Vegas there are being added to Vegas sixty times. As. But odd tough job for you. Tell me first of all the demons show and so edition here. He gets his money. And then they finally said is sealed that deal what kind of role now moving forward what do what do C where does he go from here what's next step for him. Well and I think the immediate next step is you can can and get healthy you know they got our. Robert a break in the sense of their next game until Thursday with. They get a little bit more time Iraq. They're racked up that that right groin strain and in May be to have a chance to play I know he enchantment it to get out on court. But they're trying to be cautious with him. During some really did know Rick your generic sense written anything. You know wouldn't have to guide you to strap that you're gonna have endured even hurt you or two to four years. And you wanna develop you know need to worry about exacerbate that injury overtime you know they wanted to to kind of do what he did it Villanova just yet. Tough. All around player who cared you know shoot the three space the floor. And they need to slow play what he had bone repair Normandy right off the ball you know work hard on defense. I grabbed rebounds in that nature. Not to compete now with the likes of could that sterling brown hurt. First spot in the rotation so you can aired in those things and he earned parent on the court. I think in in the more gore speak you have drag out of the more guys and and the personal defensively and you know without regard suffered back to teach and help so about it all the burden. Did you like that pick when they selected him. I think you made that. Added thing when you look at things that they needed in the big debate it that they were voting for. If you eat it goes. Attendant look and that that toughness they're actually safe or aren't on it. I'm just somebody who had you know experience of playing. I'm a high level. And and winning in you actually look at any current or so well he he how he can plot in punitive later but they. Yeah I love that pick because of what you just mentioned there EEE excelled at the highest level he could be against his peers. That to me I thought I thought screamed at good pay act. The NBA draft as a whole though Matt you know obviously much more than I do but about the NBA. Now correct me if I'm wrong here is the NBA draft after like the top eight or ten players says that it's sort of a crapshoot where are ones even. All I mean maybe not even a pretty close I mean you hear your chances of getting star level player. Outside of the lottery you know you could but you can be starter or you know how long irons. They are currently eat after that point it just up top and certainly aren't in your favor so. In Oakland in stride back tonight that I gained any drastic as possible landing here and can't do that are responsible finding someone. Who cannot who could. A regular so in the league. You know and and he had have to pay your shock. Albert would spot you have so. Yeah it like that have a crack you and and are reluctant sometimes you look Egypt and you've got Italy interior. It's true that's true. What's the latest on Jabari. Well I would look at the holding pattern here at heart set on the telecast today. Let you talk and who are here to guard represented every day. You know there's only really preteen quicker offer. A number of bigger than about what he stood in action or maybe it's your card matches in hard cap situation. You know and to have you know 78 billion dollars. If you really want a quick write up your hard cap. In other like you have to clear out. You know money different way are better at the parade. Thirteen Duncan on the offer and he they think about whom I expect Arab League and look straight or put them in the apple. But you know it would have been bought the device side partner greater need for bucket I put their own. Until it and obviously even have to want as well parliament street into opera and something that you might think would be readable but if he didn't wanna open. And won't work continue pressing that market than it didn't work so we're still gonna keep waiting until it either you make an opera about. An operative word is they're assigned triggering cook all the oil. Up all the things on the table and impact her when you are goes. I'd so Il Ilyasova Brook Lopez. And demons Denzel. With the with those three ads how much better is this basketball team. Well I think especially you know Brook Lopez you can look at. A carton specifically. Only been significantly better because you know what you can bring to the senate position. But as one that even commented that it was an eight core up last year. You know is seeking pay in defense of like quickness and lateral movement that aren't aren't great but. Look at as such had a strong law that required it support their factory are pretty efficient inside. I'm you can look they're often really go and he fit perfectly. As the money to get on Yana are near the vehicle also in the and then. Do you intend to all the guys have it seemed common traits. Being part of you know Burkle players are parents. I'm being a little clip before and it around on and so I think when you can plug in those guys in the bucks actually haven't lost anyone yet. Good luck just you know still out you know the ability key to bring back everybody you're anybody could they want my team. I'm on you know either here or there you have those declared in and the new coaching staff eleven night good holder. That they're actually going to be better on new pots and putting it influences here. Tuchman met the last says here on the bill Michael shell man it's Joseph I am. It the Brook Lopez situation. Would he be the starting setter and even if John dancing comes back of the bucks on final way to trade him I assume they would cut Tyler Zeller loose. Would Lopez then be the starting Saturday think he'd be better suited coming off the bench. I think he'd probably be the starter. At the leader though I'm forty you know Patrick and bellicose but just the way EU. Keen to pay. On both brands I think indeed centered if you're likely minimize. Are being with the starter because you have no more active might have been on a constant floor that starting here. How seriously are you defensive issues. And then you can keep popping up army aircraft the banker. Spending time on the court would not think Jenna and would probably. Look like he'd be the third guy there as long as I'm playing well but got under way. He did with the lucky lady didn't get as many that it could be praised the what you did in the playoffs. And then you can definitely see other other room for a we will have been will still be in the mix and especially in. Meaning without not from the court. Maybe they're out looking pretty basic as much indyk and kind of playoff and then in the open market a lot last year and I got to enroll. But that ended up we sold or poor that they keep around. But looking to look at my haven't had a crack at. At being the starter. Real real quick math before we let's ago defensively booty holes or has been known to have a decent defense and is this team better defensively can we set I can we please stop raining threes on this basketball team Katy. It is just how their play some defense once in awhile they better defensively. I mean that they're gonna happen and I have to figure out the number quick. Only someone in training camp obviously the number of on compact hitter open quarter he'd been an easy buckets inside a problematic for years. I'm so they can you can he got up helping having brokered my outlook will go back here are. I'm that they're getting out either in order take an early age group. Wouldn't you say about that they can output per table would agree that it earned get a lot of open three I'd be also a departure and it would probably be better. Things are looking good for the Milwaukee box that new arena and then you're looking at. Oh yeah by the way that dudes out of the east so that might that might be loved to have a benefit heading into this campaign but Matt Alaska's. I appreciate the time now we'll talk again all right. ROA of America. 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