Velazquez: What does Budenholzer bring to the table?

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Monday, May 21st
Matt Velazquez, Bucks beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, weighs in on the Mike Budenholzer hire. Did the organization make the right hire? Where does Jabari Parker stand in all of this?

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Joining us on the Schneider orange top line madame Velasquez in Milwaukee journal sentinel getting ready to. You know watch the press conference as we will carry it live here on the program of the Milwaukee Bucks new head coach show Mike Boone holes are. And a matter I don't today. Don't while also let me ask you this first and foremost because I've not got your opinion on this but for everything that you refer to do the Bucs get a right. We look at. I got it. Right at one. A group. Of period and beat the playoffs. I agree. Coulter and now than bill ulcer you ought. And obviously I'm out. How. Is that. So with this young team now I know there's a lot of talk about Yana is in Middleton meeting with him in comic kind of giving the stamp of approval. A lot of people saying that the meeting was brilliant in the sense that it would then give some players on this team ownership. Of saying look we have to move forward this guy and kind of let go of the past in their forehead the inclusion gives them a sense of entitlement are empowerment I guess might be the better word. Do you think they did the right thing and including everybody. It's. Turned out. Per. Year up what. Are. It. Our. Way. Or the here that oh. She's the leadership role. This. Group. And so yeah. It will be pretty. You. Urged. You sure that those that. All of that. Out there. I. Oh. What do you think did Buddha holes or can bring to the table it's going to out I don't wanna say get these guys to play better budget. It did I mean how many army. Georgia was head coach even better this team gets more wins I don't know necessarily that's true but his booed Knowles or that guy it's going to get more out of this team. Then say what Joseph prod he did or Jason Kidd at. Her acting and her. And something that you obviously. There. He. It buyouts or. Else. Like what you eat. Chop. Do. Don't culture. Will be early in their right couldn TV. It. All I don't eat. Eat eat. Eat. Change the way it. Open source. It is a bit rot there. You see. That. That the big. This summer. No all it requires. BCE. I. They'd be in order to get it out. At all. And eat it or or. Out. There. I. Thought. About it. It's always talking about Boone calls are being a better coach her coach Dickey commanding comment. Kind of get guys motivated or at least be able to work with some of these young guys in and it has a lot more one on one time Islam or personality when it comes to the ability to. I guess to kind of draw out some of their skills so looking at these guys is some of the younger guys on this team take ADJ Wilson for example take. Take a sterling brown for example some of the guys he you know that this team it kind of pick who was relying upon that have a released showing up to do much. Do you think he can make them better or do we start to look at those guys and say you know what you have a core nucleus those guys really are just more so role players in past. I mean they can just because to me this team doesn't have enough depth to compete we're seeing a front line guys played really well. And they need a shooter they need a big man but they also need some role players that are going to be better. Well. It was. An. Eight. Is. It that. Seriously. Need. It. Is good opening. Hole. And it. And the lack. I. Hear you. Well. Let it be that sorely need it. Actually. Stop it now that you're always they're. Really happy. YE. VE. Eight it. Awful and Google. Beat these. Older. Or else. A bright spot. It is all the elements. Also any pattern that. They shoot up. Earlier law. He did. That all he does this also beat and so this. It is. He's sure you can see. Eight. Long is really. All that. 888. To make sure that they get. They'll look at what our goal is basically I. All. The through. Don't be out. Here. Be. It. Or. Are pretty. I'll amend Alaska's in the journal sentinel is the bus security introduced their new head coach the rest of the world. In the meantime were wondering is Jabari Parker going to be back I mean that's kind of first and foremost is for is building blocks go with this team. I would assume at some point he's gonna sit down or at least have a phone conversation or something which are barred to say. You know hey is this isn't something where you want out of Milwaukee or do you wanna co exist with everybody and everything becomes cope ascetic in. And everybody's striving towards a common goal mean that would that be one of the first things on your radar. They're. Pressure. That the arc arc you know I'd like Alter it. It. It. Do. Not regret it Eric ultimate. ER. Or. You are create. It that we needed and that hurts you so I'm sure that one of them are Asian. Whether you're talking. Parker. Or. Not. That ought to. Court. Please give your age or are all. How. Are. Asian. Each Oscar. Do Gerri see. It. I'll buy our. In dirt here yeah. So. I figure out of our people. There there. Are. They want to work so. They. I've Parker. Is. Now. Carter called the art. Is. A this. A lot of bowl or. The long side. Hey real quick we've got about a minute but I just wanted to know is there anybody in particular you think it's gonna be sitting there it's gonna be able to help this team in the NBA draft. Well. I. Don't know. Wage. Order your brother or Jeter. They. Thought were odd. As it. Air so rough. Order. Her thirty. 88. Ought. EC. App. Always good chip and we certainly appreciate and enjoy the breast governs. I. Detectives and they don't that's that's mass Alaska as Matt Alaska's in the Milwaukee journal sentinel joining us in the Schneider orange challenged Aaron drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair. And immediate and for eighty plus years only got to do is check him out. 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