Wagner: 50 wins should be a realistic expectation for Bucks

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, May 21st
Andrew Wagner of the Sports Xchange discusses both Bucks and Brewers. How much does he think Mike Budenholzer will impact this roster? Meanwhile, how impressed has he been with the Brewers latest success?

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From the league's front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. The bill Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Antonio while drove. Look you know Michael show on the air we are glad you were on board thanks so much for take a listen to us we certainly appreciate this portion program being brought to our good friends add Bud Light but like the official beer spots in the Michael sports talk now worker told you before. That I let you know about as some music coming up in about a charitable event coming up. Coming up all week from this Wednesday. Which is may thirtieth we're gonna Wednesday night live at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion so hopefully can make. But one of the biggest things going on that night is so my charity is going to be there and that is saint Ann's community meal. Now say best community meal is going to be there because we're going to be raising awareness. For what's upcoming and what is upcoming. Is none other than our annual run walk which is coming up Friday night June 15 Friday night June 15 we are open a polish fest. Donna Summer fest rounds in and we encourage you to go to polish fest dot com. As polish fest dot com you can find information there and it's signed upper register it's Iran it's a walk outs all officially chip timed if you're runner. And this year they change a few things timing is changed a little bit we send the Rwanda the runners off first and and the walkers or this could be the walkers and then the runners. Because I get everybody out there. And and make sure that there's no. Crisscrossing grin like out of the two groups so we're going to be doing 5050. Out of the west tonight live coming up on the thirtieth and that is going to be saint Ben's community meal. And then also raising awareness for that Friday night June 15. For the run walk all the proceeds all the money everything goes to feeding the hungry. In the city of Milwaukee in the surrounding areas if you can come out and join us please feel free to do so and it's all brought to our good friends over at spotlight the official beer sponsor. Other go Michael sports talk network. Are getting back to wait and we're tons of brewers baseball in the first hour wanna get back in this here in the second hour. Some brewers on this team they're just get the job I mean for lack of a better term. It is getting it done you've got some unknowns you've got some unsung whatever it is a what are agitated you wanna throw behind him at this point. Did do this brewers while it's been pretty impressive and it's been exciting to watch. My question do you these is simply right now if you had to pick I wanna say in under appreciate it we say. Is it is it hit me haters keep getting now talk not only our own back yard. But haters getting talked of being maybe an MVP year Cy Young for the first half of the season that type of thing. When you look at at what's going on right now with this ball club. And Josh there's been fantastic. Like Jim Jeffers has been fantastic as well. In case you haven't noticed Josh rader. Pitch in the Minnesota game the other night earned his second win of the season was two thirds scoreless innings again he's on scored a talk. In twelve of sixteen appearances this season. Has 56 strikeouts in 27 a third innings. You need is good and you just keep going on and on Iran has ten appearances of at least a couple of innings this season meanwhile. Jeremy Jeffrey is on scored upon in 23 of his 24. Appearances this year. Including each of his last twenty outings nineteen and a third innings. Think about that nineteen in the third innings as a developer run. 2324. Pierce's hasn't given opera. Dan Jennings has been good. And you can't wait to get Corey can able fully back in and how locked in the guy that did struggle over the weekend as I mentioned before Boone Logan. Did have the best games yesterday. Like. Those two guys you gave Corey can able back in and throw BBs in the ninth. Between hater Jefferson and and Corey can able you know escort on this team wants is geniuses sevens that. It's just leading after seven innings they are 22. And though. 22 and out. They've been that good. It's just ate it's phenomenal what his bullpen has been able to do. Just to get now haters be invaluable because hater can go a couple of innings for. So you only really need to get to the sixth if you're starter. Because haters been that good Jeffries is an anchor. So if you're gonna talk about unsung those of the two guys. Bit of an old children. 855830864. In the long way to tech council free talk when he parred five. 8308648. Gives shall. Those so I mean those are the number those are your stats of the day right there. Brought you by our friends at royal go to eight PP RO YO dot com that's a PP RO YO dot com implementing SAP. In big data solutions to companies just like yours. Where they can help you out take on information given back to you make your business bigger better stronger better. That's everything from embroiled go to eight PP RO wired our county they can help you out. Two and Alec come back on they take on VI Arizona Diamondbacks he had Zack Greinke again by the way. Whose 32346. Fury chase Anderson going to the bill. Three and three with a 397. ER. Coming into tonight's contest kind of an odd we greet the night. Down the ballpark so we say thank guide Miller Park is don't you know I mean. But you talk about some of the under appreciated brewers on this team. 8558308648. Give us a shout you only other aspect of all of us and then this is where I I go back to some of the comments or on Twitter a little while ago. For those of you that that said you know while this team's good in spite of and you've kind of gotta list okay inspire Brian brawn not playing which by the way. Like I said last week they have it if Ryan Bryant's on the DL and just go away for awhile get healthy that's finest teams that really missing anything. Would you wanna do was to write Ron healthy again smoker the ball again to seven year better. That's when you're gonna be of benefit that's when you see a benefit on Ryan brought you the question I haven't. What for those that are down on Craig Counsell Tommy why. Because I don't see I mean every manager gets questioned the way they usable because it works your brought your geez your broad. If it doesn't urinating. Okay sometimes it is sometimes it isn't more often than not this year the right buttons have been pushed so my question is why. Why would you be down at ball. Right now where this team is where they ended up last year they weren't supposed to be in the race they weren't suppose even in the hunt. And this team right now is leading the division game and half up. They were leading for quite a bit of last season. Right down the wire what why in the world would you be down right now. On the managerial side of things and in reality. I mean you know Joseph Maddon means a lot to Chicago Cubs Tony La Russa met a lot to the St. Louis Cardinals Joseph Joseph Torre met a lot of the New York Yankees okay. Go back in the day. Time of the sort of analog to the LA Dodgers Sparky Anderson meant a lot to the tigers meant a lot to the rents. Jack McKean and now live to go to the Florida Marlins when they won the championship. Played. Managers Emmy for the most part managers will say I can make a difference in three to five games. Otherwise it's right near and collapse and guys in the right place right time to be successful on the guys make make the players. So why in the world would you be so doubt. You know I mean let's go to Daniel listening to us and told Daniel walker who program the Michael shows going on. I I think I look at what the or not read you have watched almost every eat it picked out a way to watch. Act adding that its influence in the what equipment gamer but brilliant writing about the speech that we yet it'll get the honor. Well department deputy governor I'll like they're you know that they those are great year we did really good at it and maybe help. Retired army and our aperture now this year or last year. I'm yeah I avoid I I I look at this wave and a sense appreciate that phone call. On the air with a batting average is down the pitching has been better. Last year they were averaging over four runs game remember early on last season you had Eric things it was on that chair going through April and may. And then things kind of slowed down they were scoring runs so guard was good near the top lineup brawn was good news top line of Travis Shaw. Was having an incredible start this season Eric things. He was going yard almost every other at bat. So they got off to a fast start offensively and things cool off and he couldn't get any hits after the all star break you off I just went completely self. I don't think that's going to be the case this year. They've got more bats more depth. On this team in this lineup. So I don't think that's going to be the case to be perfectly honest with I I I think his team's gonna be okay but yes they got to a very fair start last year and yes ever wise they're down. Because I am I said look at this team averages four point three runs per game which is kind of that that key number. Just get over four runs a game on average. You're gonna win a lot of organs and for a while there they were average in 33 and a half runs a ball game and it wasn't gonna get it done. This has been a pretty solid performance from her offense on this road trip yet bill if you look back. At this ten game stretch here for the crew. In the games that they lost. The offense wasn't there herb like that the team that beat dom didn't really put up all what you runs either. Mean you look at the losses here though the one lawsuit against Iraqis at a loss for nothing. You look at the one loss they had against the Diamondbacks it was 21. And then the loss yesterday against the twins was three. And then you look at the games were they want to on this road trip they put up five runs against the Rockies in game one in game two they put up 1111. Runs. Game four against Iraqis they put up seven runs game one against the Diamondbacks they put up seven runs. Game three against the Diamondbacks eight runs and then eight runs again against the twins in game one and five runs against the twins seem to. 8558308640. When they had the ball they're gonna win they've got enough pitching to sustain. After everybody says that they they're gonna do and your time people say you have to get another starter is when they lose game 21. That's what people credible org audio trade for a Frontline guy who's only gonna make an impact one's once every five days. Yes an effort Jacob we just emails one we go on gimmick China which I don't think is very tempting. Would you be able to afford to keep them controlled this team is not about giving up young arms are young assets for a guy it's not going to be controlled boy at the end of the season. If this was next year and you believe that all the pieces were there and one guy I was going to make the difference. You can probably do it but you're not gonna do that right now must now with this team wants to do that now the franchise wants. David Stern's once. If you're gonna get a guy you wanna guy that's controllable for at least a couple years that's what they're looking for or. It would China would do is sign and trade maybe in something like that they would go ahead and say okay. We would be interested but your Britain China is not gonna do that he's gonna to free agent market he's gonna get a hundred million to Kabul under million dollars. Just because he's is that damn good is an interest because he's going to be out there price harbors gonna be out their arms are gonna be out there there's going to be. A billion dollars worth of contracts throw around this upcoming offseason. And he's gonna wanna capitalize on that the brewers just aren't going to be in that met so. As much as I wanna say you have make a move and get the baton and just become this offensive juggernaut behind what is been a stellar bullpen. And it's not gonna happen for the Milwaukee Brewers 8558308648. Give me your thoughts regarding the brewers and if you're not ate your thoughts and Craig Counsell the manager. Okay positive or negative outlook for the negatives but the negatives only come out when those in the brewers lose and there's a couple yesterday that I want that comport with. And now minority found give me your thoughts on the management. Give me your thoughts on what's going on managerial wise with this Milwaukee Brewers team as well mortal like Russia next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk and work. We'll edit my friends as we you download a sad. I don't shall we continue this important programming brunt of our friends in new now medical. Trading guys with a ED erectile dysfunction all of this as well beyond. Been following the advice you began a done. Going to the new male medical sense. Call 4144554451. They have a night they can all would guarantee. That they can fix that. 4144554451. Also below teeth here. Experiencing common mental would he go up and down mood. On the mental clarity is not there or just got fumed rundown sluggish you know beyond that and then the all the weight loss program. Jobs and eventually it's getting a warm say war union teacher sees all all c.'s law. In a goal a good deal on an early jump start the weight loss program or people go oh boy the Aussie you're awesome what he does not so good no. Call 414455445141445544. 51. Talk over baseball under appreciated brewers at this point. And wedged kind of lower a couple of them. And edition of that for government says that and I'm I'm it's it's got to be allow old very small minority. But there's a villages all over Craig Counsell in the moves in my question as to why 855 B 30864. Good JG OC to assume west al-Qaeda item and emails going out. There are welcome back. And everything. Let us know I I don't mind what Craig Counsell doing he's pushing all the right buttons right now. When the brewers. Are I'm totally surprised by the Iraq outlook on the road. Very. Fortunate. I think yeah I'll most unappreciated. We're right now JJ. Jeremy jet. You are I would agree because they're adding all the headlines. Yeah Jeff Lewis is daylights out the guy at any spark to put him and he performs he's been just dollar. We stellar every time he's got there on the mound. I think you need to. Upgrade. At catcher when an opinion Dinara. East Israel. But when damme. Can you give up. What's the main effort got a name and beat Andy up Andy's not I mean. He can't hit whatsoever right now army just horrible. You know only he had a error yesterday. As. If they can upgrade to capture you know to law also. Can you got really great. You know a lot I think that right now. They have. Surplus. In a lot of places and you know that open obviously is really really good. Dollar that you get is starting pitching that. Or that we thought they might be acts were chased Charlie back. You know and also learn anything else. It's going to be awesome and I and I mean I I really think Beijing can and if they get all those people back. And you know to start continue to hit the ball and and play it safe way to dictate play on the road at home. Seem to you not a good at all and they are on the wrong. I don't write no I won't agree that ultimately let me when you look at their home record ten in nine road record eighteen intent. They a lot of your version vocal they get a lot of games looked at home ten and nine and home 28 games on the road nineteen games at home. Long long home stand coming up see where they can do. But ten and nine and home eighteen intent on the role. 73 the last ten ball games. And number resume playing some really really good baseball. The ten game road trip was kind and hopefully they can keep it up at Miller Park. Taking on Arizona tonight. 640. It's 640 tonight Joseph is that is that correct 640 tonight. Is the start and goofy start time on Monday night. Odds go to Tim was he too was in Janesville Tim what are the programs garment. If Canada is current. Month. I think an R&B Caribbean under appreciated that. I have a question or rebel intricately excerpt or when they come back. What took though it Pretoria in two homered to wait. He's been fantastic. Oh are you heard about it like you don't beat. Her and oh yeah you don't. EU just the mean he's been heading well against everybody. And when Eric things comes back he can obviously continue to give you that that threat of pop in the lineup and make Carolina better but I don't are right now is a guy that a lot of teams have to sit up and take notice of and end the bottom line is your outfield is sag you're not even missing Brian brought at this point. And if you can get our CO straighten out. And even bring up the numbers of Trevor shot holy macro. Because BR seven pretty good season BR has been hitting the ball much much better than he was last year and last I checked he was like 35 points higher than he was last year. Tomato Santana why you love to see it hit the ball a little bit better but. Is everybody right now it's been his for the outfield goes they've been doing pretty well and yell it has been the guy that's been leading that whole thing so. I'm I'm happy with where things are at right now. Critics. Or which are seeking in. It's I have comedic adventure. Right right now I agree pursued talk about a lot about a way VR now 56 points ahead of where he was last year. 56 point. Hitting to 31 last season 287 so for the 703. OPS right now Lorenzo Cain to seventy Christine yell at each hitting 290 Domingo Santana to 54 you what does he bring it up about 25 points. 20/20 five points be solid for demeanor seemed to. Trevor shock not the senior he was having last year Trevor starting to 44 but wouldn't 8190. PS right now. 8190 PX. So when you look when you look at. When you look at Trevor shown what he did last year for this ball he hit 273. We know PS of 862. He'll bring that that average up thirty points you'd be just like just ecstatic and the fact that he would do that to get that average up thirty points. He would go on terror of about three tent. For a period of time. That would certainly better there's 2855830864. That would give them a push always told about the all server. Odd coming up here at the bottom of the hour is under Wagner the sports exchange we're talking talk a little box and brewers. Coming up also wanna remind you that this portion program brought you by our friends at Marshall clinic. Health system. Care my way that's a way just make a phone call called theirs practitioner they can help ya right of the phone. Basically the maximum charge will be forty bucks depending on your insurance or they can't help you no charge at all but they can send you a prescription to a pharmacy near you if you're able. It is iffy if it kind of that algorithm works out. You're gonna go may say via a trip to the dock all of this is a phone call column 844 care away ate four pork fairway anyway. 844 fairway the ditch in the system. Get a prescription to make you feel better that much faster that's the way they do with the Marshall clinic ecosystem go to mark should clinic dot org for all the information Marshall clinic dot org. For all the information official health care provider of yours truly coming up next Edgar Wagner the sports exchange don't forget after the top of the hour. Mike Bono holes that press conference is he's introduces a new Milwaukee Bucks head coach. You're gonna hear that as well already talks of hockey would Aronson is coming up a little bit later on the next hour also state to more than a white assure activist. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking. Glad you're here the real Michael show continues until Michael's radio Joseph across the way you wanna fight us on Twitter it's act bill underscore Michaels at cylinders were Michael's or at radio Joe's sports will find is if you're out travel around. And your gold from station to station a one humanity one of the many network stations a make your out of the area go to radio dot com that's radio dot com. And he just stood download that app. Search Phil Michelson you're gonna find us. On a station near you that simple. Edgar Wagner the sports exchange now joining us on the Schneider orange hot Iowa talk a little bit of both for hours and bartender I don't. I'm doing well little lack. After the summer what happened extremely happy and nice rather. Now while they are farmer's almanac says gonna be hotter than normal summer so I'm I'm waiting to see if they're gonna be right usually there right so. That means a whole if you if you nobody baseball average of things. Ten we are due for some ninety's that are gonna come in and just make a sweltering. So. Butler Paul one here at protection it's them these people into the post pretty quickly you know. Yeah that breaks Letterman show. Let's start off with the press conference today introducing Bruno calls her as the next head coach in the box and your thoughts. I'm I think amateur let them there and everyone kind of expect it from day one. As soon as he became available I'd ever want he bought the suit this is a matter or little literally. And I think it could go higher I acted as our quote and you could. On what again. You go out and see how a player he didn't care. I'm good roster when he when he took over Atlanta on that these EEP c but we were never able quite capture so. Know what kitty the pot. That we complete could Wharton with a box that joke front could what does he can bring to the people. In terms of what the Bucs have been missing the last couple years and Ali did be able to take them to the next step go over the question but I am curious here too. So in in bringing him in the expectation is take his team to a different level how funny the bottom line is this how many wins do you think he's worth. That part I don't know and edit it at this point ecological on the fox eat the flirt with that crackled with extreme market actually. That's what network or below to see you eat you win fifty games you're gonna have a specialty. I think that now or realistic expectation for the box for all the hubris we cancel the office. This team for the last couple years all the future build the future bubbles while the future now have to. Now you know. They're champions and we're looking at. Everything has to be our talent so I think if he wins in her. You were at least deep into the playoffs immediate part Eastern Conference finals could be the expectation that this. Whiff that being said. What moves need to be made or do you think his squad has it within. I think there's a lot of looking at some eager to put kept. Their salary cap this year exactly great at the first order of business for the past B. Figure out what to expect you to park because you please settle back you really can't address and the other he's all right really got to fight the other thing. All Jabari kind that is electrical. Work because it has nothing to do to play at court it. Different neutral impact if salary cap impact will dictate. How much flexibility that elsewhere moving forward so many got to be tackling that right off the bat and figured out there and eat. A big man they needed big man anything that roster. They need to figure out of her Bledsoe is going to be the guy go for it to figure out. You know what they're gonna do oh to three point shooting we're on a regular basis consistent pieces. Mean they have a lot of these are some very clear aside from you know F four election center. Blunt who just did nothing at all if he. That helped me right now that they're forced to be reckoned with outside of Europe. I mean you look at Boston OK you know they've got whole cultural players taken indeed right now. But they've also got wall they will have concrete actually maybe. They've got you to rosier east play they've got they've got guys these say OK you know this is a very good team. Right now it's it's you know yacht less than the and in the tips that at this moment to go on little multi forty. I don't really quite know yet. What what did she is and what pieces they have could well face it we've never really seen that I completely full struck. At all. Is Jabbar he. In your opinion coming back. I don't think I I. I. I just don't see it. I don't see it or implement a financial standpoint. Bomb. And I don't think they have seen enough for him to be convinced. That he's or the kind of investment. That it could take keep a moral law firm and to still have the kind of flexibility that he offers that. Well I think if they clone the right opportunity maybe you would sign and trade. And finally to acquire the other pieces that they need to take that next stop I think they're gonna look at it. I mean I I don't think there's any doubt in the box that you Ari Parker basically ask at all and that he can play a very metre hole from. Did that visit that Travis has changed since strip barring got hurt the first car I mean look from the whole thing this whole sentence predicated around. Yahoo! messenger barring leading this team is that promise. And an honest woman out beechy Yaris. And that kind of whoever else the back burner this is gonna be honest is she moving for Fallujah barring really want to play that that in the second fiddle role. To be honest with you one nickel someone you know that there's so much to it that is. It seems so simple on the surfaced but really not the box kind of complicated position. All you talked about issue you talked about a big man and I agree with you I don't think it's just easy easy as saying go out and get somebody. King that he Lebanon has distanced John's horse in your opinion have the chops to do. I don't know I I still. I'm still not quite sure. I'd like it is funeral diplomatically. I'm still not sure yet how much. Control on or have a listen I should change. You know I mean with the latest ownership structure setup pain in the U although all the back channel so that. That would occur in the last virtue means it just. Something doesn't add up when you look at this in the look at everything that's gone into it in the last year or so. Something about this just doesn't have a job or city eat great guy I talked to. Are Smart basketball mind obviously nobody knew and all of but I hope the good basketball the general manager role as kind of just finished. A home compared to and other sports. Where I feel like the culture usually does have more of a role more of an influence in player personnel acquisitions and stuff like that. And the GM's role as more of OK you're the numbers guy or their figure out how to make this work themselves if that makes sense but I'm not government just kind of policies to be at basketball. All I'm not really sure. Yet where job horse kind of it's in the whole decision making tree. And again that's not a knock on the guy it's just. Put it that he didn't interest in situation from top to. Thought when Edgar Wagner in the sports exchange and so guru brewers baseball hero quit so. We're just talking about some of the young sons you know you look at Jerry Jeffers what he's done Josh later obviously getting a lot of accolades. And they're doing this right now with a team that isn't clicking on all cylinders have obviously Ryan brought his down or things down and Gordon however the ball Pena's that having the season he had last year. Not there Travis jaw. So how impressed are you with where this team stands right now with not all the cylinders fire. I'm really impressed I mean that's that's that's seeing some. And I know old people market could be good fusion and not do this sort of cartoon that. Or the cubs haven't you know it was not exactly what you do is take advantage it likely that last year in oak. They they took it and the fact that the cult and not playing well because look at the end of the day. And in Pittsburgh or they are saying listen break the law uses pop pop. The console right there on paper. The cult are without a doubt the most talented team in the division absolutely there's no arguing they have the most talent top to bottom anyone division. But they're not play in the living (%expletive) right now and they did the same thing last year and the brewers made their ball. Go out there are winning gauging cops worked. Now what's up what happened yet of course it is. The perverse startled. The cubs heated up so that kind of kid he is going to be the the linchpin of this topic today. Once the cops start heating up. And I think they're being good shape Leah I'm impressed so far because. People went into this horrible news but at a petrol story seizure in eagle Bolton is gonna. This team is playing great. They're they're frustrated offensively at times. Blood I mean you can't ask for much more considering what they have to work with and who are going up against so I think that it's pretty impressive start so far. And as far as the that the pitching rotation. I. We don't feel like we need to make a move you just kind of waiting to see what they have on the cream rise in the top and allow some of these used to. To come up again if you had bats and then you might have some trade chips and substitute to go with along the way but. To me right now pitching is not the number one concern to me more kidding Trevor show are getting Orlando our CO back on track having Domingo Santana picked it up Kenya picking up a little bit. Getting back to where you worry in maintaining eulogy Cain. And getting a healthy Ryan brought back to maybe he can give you some that I need to meet that that's the recipe for having a lot of success isn't. I actually agree here and listen here's the other thing to keep this called back to help the you look at the club and they have and how long exercise but after what happened. The cops are still in the it would have a cold actually that it reckoning has got on me at the start paying their next two or three. All. In Chicago dump her. That that is free for all kind of budget that people think they'd be really put limitations on their governor to make a park. I don't think it is served as political completely all in cash all the ships like he did for. Sabathia and like keep it for Greinke like Melvin did for sabathia agreed to in 2000 in 2010. Because. They're still gonna be a step below there. And the whole key to this entire rebuild they're not just they have. It'll work you're rock what if it passed between being in this position every single year. And I don't think that the price of pitching all the tea. Is gonna be or the war long term. There have to give up a lot to get a picture of a crime the bigger picture. And it's not the number one eat now back pitching Jimmy helped it. Looks like he's back and pitched this year you. In I don't know that the possibility and I hear the final last week let. If you read the comments it was a little little off. Depending on TV no single data that they look at a picture. This in the Teaneck I was figuring hey we're going to be kicking really trying to rack with a couple of years will have a boat load of you know don't tell coming in. They're not going to be picking. They're not gonna have a high high high draft picks for your highly prospects. They've got to be Smart approach. In what kind of accept that he'll wait for the future at least don't wanna be in the tigers are six years. But it delicate pale. As always we appreciate it we'll talk again soon see the ballpark. Nobody judges in the U Edgar Wagner of sports exchange joining us for couple minutes in the Schneider worn challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now. You work hard to treat you fair eighty pushers are beginning you don't call 844 pride go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs died cal we appreciate you take a listen to his his portion programming brought by cousins subs and if you wanna be a part of a VIP experience. Cousins subs has it right now go to cousins subs dot com slash big big giveaway and you can get your best seller fast experience abhor. Eleven VIP concert packages including a couple of tickets apart and passing gift cards and a whole lot more up for grabs go to cousins subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. To experience your best summer fest ever if you are lucky enough to win. They are the officials substitution know Michael's sports talk network more about Michael showed next. Sixteen stations strong. It'll might school's sports talk. You're welcome back. Feel like a shelf we continue hey I would remind you a week from today very special day we do this it's our fourth year that we. On this normally you get count you know best of shows or fill ins and such on a Memorial Day weekend. On Memorial Day next week as you know we took an honor flight recently. And always take a film crew whether it's always do a lot of interviews and it's going to be. Basically a remembrance day and that's what I that's what Memorial Day is all about anyway is remembering those who have fought for us who have died for us. And this year we had a chance to go on one of the on our flights in which it was all Vietnam veterans and we had a chance to catch up with numerous. Numerous events and what was really cool was coming out of the Vietnam memorial. Was so we ended up. Having a conversation with a bunch of school kids that were actually from Wisconsin. Never greeting the Vietnam vets is they came out of the walkway. That is the Vietnam memorial. And thanking them for their service so we got a chance to talk all these kids as well so it's just. It's in the day and if you are gonna be on the ballot next next Monday or even if you're sitting at home and you normally listen this program I highly encourage you to do so. As we recap the honor flight that we went on. Just a few weeks ago and its its it's always good when you when you get a chance to listen a lot of these veterans. And and hear their experiences and our thoughts specifically coming out of Vietnam era which they were war willfully woefully under appreciated for a job that was. While they were told to do you know so. Are you can hear a lot of that coming up next Monday so week from today put on your calendars as Memorial Day weekend in Monday's Memorial Day and hopefully get a chance to take less. Are coming up after the top of the hour Mike doodles are the new head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks is going to be introduced. The bucks a press conference are we gonna carry a lot of that for you. And let's hear the Q&A with the media. On the back and forth teacher first taste in my poodles are and get his thoughts on this team moving forward because there's there's a lot riding on nets. This is a bit higher it's not just for John or spoons for any organization they got to get it right. Because you don't wanna say okay we'll give you three years four years five years. When in reality it's the wrong higher. And it seems like for all intents and purposes that they have done things the right way they went through an or an interview process. And he apparently interviewed numerous candidates. They hone it down to the guys that they really kind of like the beginning. Kept going back to him finally making that hire. That he bring him in the New York to kind of make everything official. Sentiment in Milwaukee where he sits down with some of the primary candidates regarding. Milwaukee the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. Kind of get their stamp of approval there ownership of all this. And now you're ready to introduce him to the rest of the rest of the fans that are out there. And now you wait and see what other moves so what are subsequent moves are going to be made and how he is able to take. This team in which let's be honest this year was somewhat unsuccessful. In the grand scheme of things I mean you you and you look at. What the Bucs were expected to do we are open for fifty wins we were open. That they would get out of the first round the post season while they ended up 44 and 38 and yes they took Boston to game seven yes they looked impressive at times. This postseason but like their season they were consistently inconsistent. So can he raise that level place a six games to get him to fifty wins seven games eight games. Can they get out of the first round the post season mean those are the things that that are going to be facing him on the immediacy and after that how much farther can they ago. And how many more personnel decisions can be made. In in bolstering this this lineup because we all know they need a shooter or two we all know they need another big man and a race or some type. A rebounder so it how good is John worst going to be. It may be working and another team or two or three. To get some of these deals and some of these bad contracts moved or they just have to waited out another season do you get the fifty wins next season you get the first round of the playoffs next season with a the roster that you have. And then you start to make some moves his contract begin to expire so. That press conference is coming up right around the corner. Also in the next hour we're gonna talk with the air insists he's the voice of the Milwaukee admirals or thoughts and HL hockey because the gold knights out of Vegas. Have been a spectacular. Story and we get into that discussion coming up as well and JJ watt. Wisconsin zone back in the news reported that discussion is. Stay tuned all whole lot more of a Michael show coming up right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.