Wagner (HR3): I expect the Brewers to make some moves this off-season

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, November 30th
Andrew Wagner of the Sports Xchange joins us at The FAN Toy Drive. We talk Brewers and Bucks. What exactly is the identity of this Bucks team?

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From the league runs to the river for. This is we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall though bill Michael you know. Welcome bill Michael show on the air we live links prominently on Ross avenue in Oak Creek. Wisconsin in we got to say thanks to reference her Abra auto body class is that not only are they present sponsor. But they just have brought in some cash and toy donations from their shops 145. Dollars in cash and haul budget towards. All budget shortages games so thanks to them as well thanks to our good friends at them beating us all week long whether it's Perkins whether it's Wendy's withers Julie's. They've been fantastic as well thanks everybody's dropped off food. There's Andrei I had nobody Barry Gallup. That is our that is there are daily food donation. So thanks to honor combined and then now we have our edible arrangements down here. Which many of you came by and pick up a little while ago report donation of ten dollars and nation. Thanks Tim thanks for thanks Tracy thanks to Brian. Thanks to Aaron Lazar that came by during the break its load up a new toys. Or they dropped off a cash donation but we gotta fill the semis semis only about half full right now we need to fill that thing up with ways new unwrapped toys. For the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to audience here in our studio Andrew Wagner the sport to change commitment. And that area there we go right there now or might now borrow at an event. I'm good good good to be here is my favorite thing of the year apps lieu of the toy drive. It's not just because it's at blades farm fleet. I actually love the work at children's I'd love doing stuff the -- yeah its or personally it's. A bit but daddy the non working circular saw it's always good for a job he had bought via the kids tool box that figure power tools you know our age specific yet so ago I finally thanks to weigh in Tokyo from Kenosha. Drop off fifty boxes and voice to a telethon right now it's great. The full Reagan you were you ever holds itself on. Part of the guys here say years ago my body not we did telethon Oshkosh every year for tax it like to Asia. And my body remained nick and I we would do the auction for 1012 hours that cracked it is. It is NC you're mentally and emotionally drained by the. Exactly by the time it done what an odd bit of a few marathons when it comes down I got trapped actually we that easy Jackson Columbus, Ohio. Was the first stage there were really really good game. And I was more each of guy but everybody in 42. Which. Weakens while I don't do weekend. And we got us knows who I feel like epic. And a quick get out. And day that we couldn't you know it much Jewelers. Thank god the Domino's delivery guys head be huge monster drive for. Because they kind of blocked exit so I was on the air almost. Thirty hours. And hours records released on November rain in the if they were actually physically with the it. That line at the track and everything and it fueled parts for. The commercials this wasn't. You know we're just doing on the computer while Kuwait and I'm old enough to remember using parts like. So it's it was it was at least I was so there's people. Somalia. Where it glamorous business for a yes it was that would be the clean up trash company that's. Week from them but they welcome us I digress. Or talk you were basically cover also are. They. Season we like this week out free. On your entry. How you to be. I think the brewers would be responsibly active. In and I heard you and Adam kind of talked about it no mark mark is the kind of owner he wants to spend he wants to spend and I know there are a lot of people that were disappointed. When the brewers did make a move the trade deadline and while I agree to what extent that you know prospects. Our only you know. As good as the reputation took up here. The thing to keep in mind is the next couple seasons the brewers are foresee being pretty good. And when your pretty good you'd draft pretty low. So I like the fact that they stood pat at the deadline and decide that they were gonna make a move may be free agency hold on their young talent Atlantic keep developing. I don't think they're gonna go while in drop 200 million and cheek area. And I saw the report and I know they're kicking the tires. It's important to remember when he's when he's in national columnist. Say something like the brewers are interest and so and so. Everyone's going to be interest OJ area and there's always going to be internal discussions. CIA I think they're Gannett. Look at every single person out there and then figure out. What could be the best short term and long term investment. In the thing to remember is every one of these deals what he thought you sign a big money pitcher that deal it's probably gonna stink at the end of it. Just because that's the nature of the course guys are older. You've got to pay a lot upfront for the front success and then consultancy bumps and wolf. Saw Matt Garza so. The brewers are going to be active but I don't think they're doing it foolishly dropped Warner fifteen million the guy for seven year deal. I I liked the partnership between Stearns and not enough like the way they're doing that. I like the way that you did due diligence in the united that it makes some moves this off season I think they've kind of painted themselves into a corner in a really good way. Where. They have to do it in now uses every single year spring training via the record will dictate the payroll. And we saw now they had a good record there they're gonna make a movement. That they're in this thing when it. I I I I wanna talk more about the pitching but also the second base position I thought it was interesting I asked Craig Counsell at second base. Instead of talking immediately they'll be are in the progression towards the end of the season and such and maybe bouncing back when he got a couple years ago he started talking up free agency. Yeah I think that they're gonna I mean obviously as Adam says you know look you're not gonna just pass on the guy you're only gonna home about three million boxes you know in the grand scheme of things that someone would drop in the bucket but it. I I I don't think the second baseman right now unless he performs admirably it just picks up where it left off from a couple years ago. I don't he's going to be the opening day opening day second baseman there's probably guy out there they're gonna have yet. Yeah I think they're gonna make a move that position I think if Neil Walker's open to coming back at the right deal they would take him back from he's gonna explore the market. I agree that they're gonna bring Jonathan ER that I mean three million dollar deal some like that. It's a pretty good choice and he can have a chance then to earn it or earn a spot somehow he is. He's not as bad as he was last year and I don't think he's as good as he was the year before you find a happy medium between those two seasons. That's a pretty good player to have on your roster is he gives you a lot he gives you. You know switch hitting he gives you some some speed that's a pretty decent defense so you know I don't think we've seen the last of them in he'll have a chance to earn a bigger role. Go back to the hour toxin box now and get into that discussion give me your synopsis of the season so far because I don't know necessarily. And I know that its main reason that some you know. The they had to make a trade that removes that change the bench dynamic a little bit there's been some turmoil now what point do you start look at the season ago OK this is what this team. I've been wondering that for a year and a half they know what is the identity it would win kid first came it. The box identity was very long. Very active and incredibly good defense of you they are a team that made you work on offense is destroyed you transition. What their what their. Impression is that like OK let let's look at the goals it worse for example not to compare apples and oranges here but. Was that got clay and they've got stuff. But they're known for being a team that can shoot the lights out you get out Raun knocked down three point record they're known for certain things. You know the the spurs are known for being a methodical. Organize. What is the box I because right now all I see the blocks is the honest and a bunch of guys that. The front office wants to believe are really good. Key players but. I just don't see any kind of identity offensively defensively whatever. Except for yachts that at some point they got to figure out what they're calling card is going to be aside from the seven foot three that kind of runs the show. Use east. Is that GC theaters. You know obviously portion. I think it's a horse now to a lesser extent it was a kid's job is to work with the players that yet so I know the rumors that Jason Kidd is actually GM or suggest the the button pusher for. Ownership in the coach fine whatever like. You know you put a team together. It's a team thing it's ownership that's coaching. It's its general manager. I would say most relies on horse it's his job. To put the talent around honest to make this team. A contender at I'm not buying that simply getting Jabari Parker back is going to be the be all adults that this team beat his. He's looked good in flashes. But. The if you put the season on the line do you have enough faith yet in the Jabari honest companies and I don't just now. This portion of the program he brought by reference to cousins of where they believe in better go to bill packer games on the fifty yard line and you may be able to win those tickets. Simply by going to Packers dot com slash best seat Pakistan accomplished that seats. That is brought to our friends and cousins of where they believe that the official substantive bill Michael sports talk network. And wagon the sports exchange alive here in studio SE was cut its own room studio now sadly department Cleveland Ross and evidence no rush an avenue Oak Creek. Is the eleventh annual toy drive we can not do this without you police in new unwrapped toy. Or monetary donation either way it all works. But please when he buys say hello good or make a donation on line we're simply going to 1057. FM in dot com that's 1057 and in. 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So if you can find it within yourself to pick up a new unwrapped toy that's great we would certainly appreciated the money it spends it all goes to the same place. But he helped us out drop off the boy. A new unwrapped toy and it doesn't matter where you buy it from weather -- farm leader anywhere else for that matter we have group that came up and target a little bit earlier today in a woman and it stopped by. And actually choose this program before she went in Norwalk reason for prescription. And picked up a couple of police there aren't we don't care words from his mom buys say line drop when often. And be part of the program would certainly. Analysts say thank you up close and personal tonight what are the odds are going to be on the road not only here but tonight at an away if you want a division I appearance at the Brookfield area. And I know it's not an official stop breathing but I'm going to be at that tonight I'm going to be excellent now Boone with myself chuck Freeman. Are critical analyst Paul and gets the that the Michael's huddle tonight brought to buy but like. So if you can't get down here and Europe and Brookfield. Algerians and the surrounding areas whether Sussex nominee faulted here in a Milwaukee County over by capitol drive in that area here in the Brookfield town of Brookfield area. If you wanna come out and drop toy out there and bring it to I'll make sure it gets in the bin tomorrow so if you if you can't make it down here. Bring it out tonight for those two hours where they're from 68 and I will make sure that I get in the bin first thing tomorrow morning joining us here in studio. Doctor Wagner from the sports exchange we're talked about basket a backward for just a minute because we were sitting you're talking a little bit about offseason what it is they're looking forward to. What what are your expectations going Unix I'll there's nobody expect. At this season right it was we see this enough of sports and I warn people that you know last year was great chase playoff spot down the fine. Every single team in every single sport that has a rebuilding process you see it all the time. They have that first year were just kind of organized chaos. And then the second year they make that unexpected surge. And the thirty years there's always a little bit of a regression. So. If that I would not be surprised at all. If that happens if they fall back a little bit as long as you're still seeing progress and development okay far. Bob. With the way baseball setup they got a good chance of making a run awhile but I still think the cubs the team to be so absolutely it. The west division it's probably gonna dominate again for the wildcard spots so ill it. Probably ball won't be as close as that was this you that's not realistic expectation. I think if they make the right pitching moves they can. The unit again but I would not be at all surprised if they have a little bit of a setback. And then 2019. As they make that real. First legitimate push. Where what what C I find it interesting they get rid of de Bakker after couple of success guns in Washington. And and I get it because they believe it's that time is now we got to get over the hump. Book what what board they have to do I mean owner opened their opened itself we all know that but that is Canada post he's just got beat. Yes and the ballot they were. Upset by some it's not like the brewers snuck in the playoffs went in and swept the nationals and 34 games that they've lost. Two cops wore a really good team. And dean's work in the games they were down to the wire close so I. I don't know what the deal is speak is ever that I hurt and go to the clubhouse players won't play him forum your right the bullpen stunk so that was. That was a knee jerk reaction by ownership. And they've done that before I mean they've they've. Screwed around with the managerial position Washington several times now over the last couple years I forgot what the numbers how many guys they pads they've moved to Washington but it's a lot. In short span. So I don't know what they're doing over there it doesn't make any sense to me I know he's got a reputation. For struggling in the post season. But someone I believe it was just the sonic Yahoo! kind of broke down each of those gut wrenching losses. So guys to have scripture. I I look at this brewers team I think there's two holes second base she got to figure out first base you got to figure out and then you start heading arms. At least solidified either of those positions and at first base a financially because. Yes they have power over there you're plate rather rather well and in and there are things we know supply the power early on in the season but. It's it is it it's not a solidify a position. Catcher actually it solidified if they've got things I think things is going to be OK there. I. It's an adjustment peer review coming from playing overseas coming back at all the first of all schedules completely different the grind is completely different. And when you have that big break out month. That he spent the rest of the season kind. Trying to feast that again. So I think just knowing how we know where things get a full offseason without having to worry about a job next year knowing that he's here. I think he's going to be just fine as Scioscia a guy that can. You know hit 3035 bombs could probably hit 27 DQ eighty over the course of the season. And a good year. Probably more on the lives 250 to sixty and what those numbers not that that's not bad for a first base so. I think aired things is going to be their first baseman for the foreseeable future and they've got a great back up plan AER the way those two guys spent time. I think that situations. Forty wells is there anybody out there are ones you would like to see commit this organization I like I like Alex Cobb. I think that's a good one I do like Lance Lynn. And I know over fluids into the courtroom lights and bought some. Yeah out. But here's the cardinals the NL central and he played the NL central's what you do you issue. You kinda want the guys that Knowles. Knows who he's facing. So I'd like. If I have my one to Lansing Lance Lian and Alex Cobb or are our top two I mean if you get area at a on a decent deal. Okay given a shot but I I just don't see that happening that was Scott pours. There's nothing out there that make you go wow I mean like adult that a sitting there I mean I know that there's some names that are out there that he would be enamored with. But I don't see anything else there he's going to make you. Release elevates it what they have to go to this particular when it's a pitcher not I mean there's just not historical through this. There's just not a lot of that that they are there means you know meets a descent emea notes and what about Mike Napoli over first race he's a Cleveland. I don't I don't see the party at that dialogue I don't I don't see that happening you know I mean I look at the southern total lot. Log you out absolutely. I'm curious to see. You know they may be free agency is in the way they got they'll spend money free agency. But I I am curious to see what the trade market players were in the winter meetings come and Doug Melvin talked about the slot he preferred. Did you deals with the winter meetings over the Dublin because. The price is more affordable you can be more creative with the deal during the winter meetings they were hesitant to open their prospects stash. In the summer and rightfully so like I said they're they're projecting that they're gonna have low draft picks for the next couple years so the more you can allot better. But at the right picture becomes of Osama calls up and says they gave Enola. I'm interested in. Prospect AM prospect be in Geiger Major League rosters see. I've got this guy avail what can you do. Not not not you're not here in the in the deal making this is gonna be relieved that went to lose go back about real fast bucks do they finally get that performed well that's that's the key thing you know what they could. They could go out somehow win fifty games this year that be great until that team with the first round playoff series. Everything it just hogwash and they can talk about all of in the future in this the future and build this. Win a first round playoff series and then okay that we consider taking users I think that's about that when people start to buy it I mean. How much today then jumped in tootsie freeagent or make your trade as they wanna hit the ground running next. I think that's gonna depend on what they get from Jabar. That I I think it till you get healthy Jabari can't really make any. Shifty moves because you don't know. What GMC if you got to shift the franchise. To the next level you've got an orgy and till they've got everyone healthy. And a legitimate batch I don't see them do it. Yeah it was it was one thing I was afraid of when they lost moose was it was a detriment that that Chelsea and plus all the injuries that that is that. That's struggles that it has chosen and everybody in Anson. I didn't expect an answer to become smoltz and rim rocking protect right. But I thought he would take that opportunity and run with it and obviously with the injuries such as great and even the you know they're there for. He's been up and down got him he's been a good consistent guy he's not been terrible. It's just I don't know what the expectations are for are they expecting to be atop not true protector what do they anticipating him being. And what is his role going to be what they want that's they got to figure out. That they've got a lot of questions that the need to answer it got. Fancy marketing campaigns that are pretty new arena and a superstar in the making but they've got to start figuring out who they are. Okay and how they're gonna get to where they. This of his own judgment. Always a pleasure always fun or fun talking in the Hampshire will see each other throughout the rest the basketball season and obviously owns returning. Edgar Wagner the sports exchange brought to market prisoner march took public health care systems. And don't forget that they're the ones that help me get back my feet in them but do you agree with prescriptions as well. If you have something alien they have to hear my weight at 844 airway don't just take my word for put you to look at some of the testimonials in March booklet. And other real life patients just like yourself. Have called and said look this is really helped me out call 844 airway if it's 844 your way and maybe they future prescriptions and right to the pharmacy. Nearest you 844. Airway check it out march of public health system the official health care provider. Although Michaels she do we've got a lot more and we have fantasy football. Bought shark Sheehan coming up next lighting up the lines 85583086. Or eight it got its football question. Call us charts up next although much. Six blues station is strong the my school's sports talk.