Wagner: Now is the time to add an arm

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 13th

Paul Wagner, former Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher, weighs in on the team. Is he confident that the Crew can compete with the Cubs? How different will this squad be from last year’s squad? Will they be more improved?


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Paul leg of the former brewers pitcher plus cell with a stick academy in Milwaukee area joining us now on the channel or its allies hope cause you doing man. Berry abnormal heart warmer weather okay well. All my guy I'm sold meeting noted when we even liked during Super Bowl we usually go someplace warm like last year we were in Houston. It was a little cool at night for the most part we really really nice you got a warmer weather this year he had four below. Every day walking into the Mall of America sort of get a taste of its ought to get out there is on over spring training this year and a little bit warm weather in my face no doubt. You've got Super Bowl load nobody nobody came back side. Maybe a little wind burn out there who all are dead as a guide it's looking at this team a little bit differently than a lot of people. How close or how far away are they from what the cubs have done with the addition of Yu Darvish. You know it. I I'd be talked about it you know recently and I really like they did an else like edition runs cocaine like Christian theology. If our pitching staff is a pitch to contact. Our pitching staff as a get. Getters were swearing in minutes guys were not so we need to best seven gloves we can have bind us. And I'm very impressed with it I always want more arms. If we're gonna go to contact we're gonna point hitter friendly Miller Park. They're not gonna move the senses back twenty feet here. Outlawed guy's got good gloves and we could in good outfield. Are you. Com how far away is Forrest presumed the cubs the team to beat everybody knows that health. You think this team's gonna be competing write down of the and the wire like they did last year do you think that there's. We've got a hole at second base you don't know what VR is you don't know productivity wise what you're gonna get a first base you don't how good your arms are gonna be you don't know where Jimmy Nelson's gonna be so are those too many holes to overcome against a very strong cubs team with a very strong rotation. Hey yeah. You're right that you. You named every single aspect of the game you never know the old cliche that we stay healthy. We can compete in obviously injury decides he can't control that. You know what the ball rolls in the almost feel that it's pitched. I don't know you know what two years ago Jonathan yeah I had a great year last year he struggled. There are only means. There's no consistency. And that's why I kinda wondered why the Christian yellowish like some people were so also shall against. Giving up an unproven prospect maybe a top 25 or top ten prospect Brent and but you know what when I got guys that I know what they can do at this level. And Billy you know like a much brighter and the grass is greener the crowd louder voices are big. And you. I think I got a kick experience when I look at this quote I think we can compete. I'd love the back of everybody's bad there are not worried about so much of of a step back and you know any person's production. You'll wanna consider would've been traveling show us but I other Travis you've been around the game for so many years played a little. I know that he knows what happens I know he knows the ups and downs and what happened so. RC a big steps behind the dish we got guys in the outfield are picking up yeah it is definitely always in the arms. I think actually we can compete shrug and go out. Do you think they have to add another arm. Is now the time to add an arm. Absolutely 100% right now I wanna do it right away king got a lot of our catcher's right I'd varies. I'm very skeptical. About what and pitchers come at a later time during the year. As well as temperatures will be we're you know looking at a a Jonathan bloom court getting traded to the Texas Rangers made seed and how did you expect. That playoff like you know what that catcher pitcher relationship is very very valuable. That's that you got to get it done right now but I definitely want about 34 weeks before. Before spring training and report camp breaks I want you guys to know each other and be comparable each other. So. This this team. Offensively speaking I look at this team last year and I say you know what when the pitching was so good they struggle they couldn't put the ball in play. And there was a lot of things that frustrated fans the inability just to hit behind the runner to advance a runner to drop one down to get on base just things to generate offense and it seemed like the brewers at times almost obstinate in doing so Craig Counsell signal a guy these judges are accorded certain things. Is that something that this year they have to BA be better at. I I think date I think last year but it was very very successful in the eyes of many. I think they've learned very valuable lessons each individual. Out I think now that you know the capabilities and I'm not saying that this is Ortiz. That. Irsay and make championship ought to know there's build and add pieces. But we know the tendencies. At coaching staff has been together now for a couple of years. Old now what TNT and be done by certain individuals picnic in the sweet. Different little intricacies of the game pace all the way Craig Counsell played at the wake Craig Counsell grew up playing it. Guys in the likes of Jimmy lately and other mergers at ease pat. In the do a lot of place all all big ball. Moving runners over everything and now Eagles players are capable doing an appeal much different reward scheme. They were going to be the 150. Rickey Henderson at the capitol I don't. But I think you're gonna see a little bit difference in NC definitely an improvement on last year's little little beaches. Com how did you see great care Craig Counsell grow up and I thought Craig did a fantastic job for those that might have looked at it a little bit different. I thought again there's you can always in and how they critiqued and beat the hell out of Madden last year for the way he used the bullpen you're always gonna critique it guy for that but I thought Craig. Grew up I thought he but I did things extremely well and I thought also believe that he's got the full of tent full attention of every guy and clubhouse. Absolutely. 100%. Expected. No matter what you deal I think everybody goes through a little learning curve and and and realizing what you have and what you don't get a lot different voices talking to him yet. His old college coach. He said pitching coaches come up from Vanderbilt news was produced like David Price Sonny gray. You can't coach that literally come right up the big league roster in case. And and come right to the Major League bench. He had a lot of coaches. Or rule bullpen coach we toggle Pittsburg Detroit. A lot of different minds a lot of different ideas I think he put it altogether and former self that you watched accomplished and be good. Always got a gem I've read tell me about the stakes academy. The academy gold's strong cold weather. Or start now a march up fundamental program. All age groups eight week program start in March. C'mon downer checked out the facility is actually phenomenal on any questions you'd just give a call now there it's either Sean or Bart. The academy duck time absolutely beautiful facility that would mean Craig Counsell as we were brought. The importance in noble. Always good buddy we'll judges hate to ask you real quick other St. Louis Cardinals where they fit into this mix in your opinion. I'm not I'm not a big panic Carlos Martinez about the atom but David Wainwright you recall last year we talk. I said David we write about the situation caught on the DL I think he broke out I think he's going to be broke again this year truck that was cardinal post here at all. Always go out best elect with a stick academy dead by the way people wanna get whole again did give out the website or how they get a podium because I think fantastic place. Absolutely expect academy got cab or numbers Larry don't know it up and absolutely call it ask for Sean Smith. Or barge pole the most gentleman actually put you up the right spot even if you are not ready. The globe finally come up just two blocks that nobody in its keyword. He would be indoor facility now was capped property kids it's it's absolutely unbelievable. Abilities that these children can have. Absolutely good shots we will show you soon to zero show the ballpark as well okay. I.