Wetmore: Are the Twins simply a .500 club?

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Friday, May 18th
Derek Wetmore, MLB Analyst for 1500 ESPN in the Twin Cities, previews Brewers vs Twins. How much will these rescheduled games from earlier in the season impact them going forward? What has he made of their starting rotation?

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Derek wet more MLB analyst for 15100 ESPN of the Twin Cities now joining us on the shot or orange allied Derek I adored. I'm great. Are you don't awhile so it this Minnesota tween teen. After I mean this is kind of herky jerky getting under way they had quite a few rain announced a series against Chicago was almost lost it had a couple other ones with the Mariners and such. Finally they get towed to play in some baseball here over the last week 84 in the last twelve games are they starting starting finally to hit their stride and a sense of normalcy. Yes definitely they they were. I wanna say that the season affect them a little bit the way to they had rain now and now I'll let you write them a regain the White Sox to a blizzard that ripped through the twenty it was a weird start and I don't know all we contain all a bad place early this phenom that is certainly had some effect and when you're trying to schedule your pitching in makes that difficult. But really how they've got rolling lately is yet scored some runs but it's the pitching that's been on our ball and I think that's what they were hoping to get right from the get go man. Mean to trade this winter perjury coterie the MX I'm Lance Lynn lake created peer kind of again. Are right now maybe at a certain I think can compete and early on it here that it wasn't the case lately it's been a little bit better basically all quiet spot and ark Asia. So when you look at this team and you start to see them hitting their stride a little bit is the record. I guess my question is is the record indicative of actually what this team is because they play a weaker division let's be honest anywhere where things stand right now Cleveland isn't exactly the juggernaut of the American League. But is it of a like you said it's not all the the herky jerky start what does this team they always say your record is who you knew what it. They their record yet. I think they are close to their record actually think they're a little bit better than it rate now they're eighteen and 21. The plane came and halfback in the central. I think Cleveland will describe later this summer but that's another conversation per the twins. I think Arab out of 500 in May be a little bit better than Mac. Agent Scott and also our client they dug themselves into creepy all but there rob April when deadlocked eight heroic kind of twelve. That has the way I met in with the math when you look at the ending Wednesday okay how good is this scene but I think they're quite a bit. Should pick quite a bit and but they're better than their eighteen and 21 record but age doesn't go at all and now. Here's the conversation hopefully that wherever in the twin cities'. You've got to play so much better. The rest of the year to make the cookies and but you would have had to have you were just starting trash yeah zero and zero. If you play it 500 irrational way or appear like an 87 or 88 which team. The way I look at it now is secured 88 win team from this point gone. Too bad you probably missed the playoffs because of the bad first month of these Alex say you can't win. Our division in April but I'm not too sure he can't lose it with the weight of between the. How are starting pitching there obviously go to Rosie is a guide it says Yemeni people pay attention to our attention to decent ERA right now teams not batting too bad against some more 2.5 if I'm not mistaken as whip has been pretty good. But how is that rotation than. I cannot like the rotation they don't have. Huge. You know pass the rotation are quite a while they braille is probably also to being that guy. And but he still young peek at the inconsistencies this season. In the game sitting at his best stuff in Iraq up straight out he'll go deep into complete in shut out against the Orioles. In his first start at an indicative of the opt out of braille but then he had a couple start. To where evade him and he doesn't haven't gotten it great pitching through that yet. On the other got a lot in the Turkish either we and the commander Romero just got a call up I believe he may restart and he years. He'd been. Great drew street starts ripping it remains to be seen it means that level of success but he's the guy I ninety's fastball. And get sort of this. Quiet composure for a young kid. Getting called up I he's been impressed that so far I think that. You start rotation that those two guys you could do a lot worse. After that it would try to be dead. Lately and it up to a rotten start this year. But as the track record as a good big leaguer. Ticker in the get you mentioned solid pitcher solid mid rotation guy and and how it's really a lot better I think than. Last summer to. So that that is you'll take that the big story in a pitching here is. Ervin Santana had offseason surgery he expected to be back next month or so. And the charred remains at Tommy John surgery last. Spring he's probably a couple of weeks away from rejoining twins' rotation but it'll be really inching to see what app. Happens between Turkish and it got seven guys there are quiet spot. Who grows but. I say recently right now the twins should be feeling pretty good overall have been getting their star patients. Solid they're what more MLB Ellis for 15100 ESP under the Twin Cities start as the brewers and twins baseball when you go back to Fernando Romero. That's made great matchup on Saturday night because he faces they can they came up and struck out thirteen in the brewers' organization for his first start ever and that's pretty paroled lets me too young cats going attic. Pitch they're pitching it you just wonder. You don't when guys come up and you don't India we see you don't have a book on C really don't know what they do and how they do it. The fact that for all they had such good movement on his fastball and did it in a particular fashion in Colorado. Kind of baffled a lot of people now you wait and see what he does when he comes in. Two Twin Cities coming up on Saturday and then faces Fernando Romero and is Alec he's facing. Clayton Kershaw solution many real nerves on the fact that you're just in the big leagues again but that's gonna uninteresting match or come out senator senator. Totally agree with the her hair for never Merrill got a show they are coming out west when they're planning and government. That was one that would ban jet circled on the calendar structure. Both pitch. Pretty well and I think that speaks to the Merrill sort of composure competent on the mound yeah he got the he's got a passed ball and you'll see it slowing amid wider. From time to time but I don't think he backs down from Matt just like that and I mean it ask you Imus pulpit and that is it sort of the book on him in the minor league because. This except that he had caught the attention of a lot of people around Major League Baseball I think we're all here is now certainly in the Twin Cities are here to see. You can go and I think that can continue repeat that kind of picture that he had bad. He's pitched well but I don't think he's pitched well I mean S threes they call tomorrow but he hasn't pitched like that I mean you know it there's. He's had some moments and some question Regis that wow this kid's pretty good. But he's got so much raw tell hissy his biggest issue his his bugaboo of walks. And he didn't do that in the game against Colorado he kept the ball around the plate kept him guessing. But his big bugaboo has been walks so if your patient at the plate he doesn't have that that data accuracy. Yeah then he can start to dig himself and a little bit troubled start to sweat a little bit but he really I mean they they try to jump all over him and they just couldn't hit them. And he got ahead in the count most of their day in Colorado so. You know it again I I don't know what he's gonna bring to the table or peace figured something out. But he had pinpoint accuracy and was really really good and kept him guessing maybe we'll do the same thing at Twin Cities but if you if your patient with him and he starts it'll wild. He he can dig himself a little bit of all that's been his by yeah. You out funny that you mention that the exact same book on pretender Merrill that. And walks per nine in the minor league and it makes you Erica look and they OK maybe he had a little control problem with thinking that at all and it restarts were between the teams. Every time you fall behind an accountant come right back with a straight battle lose weight back even and I'm not saying you're in your bucket and the occasional walk and stuff to let. When he went strikes when he's in his own and a lot of it is. Fastballs and sliders in these swing and miss stuff so I feel like back in the competent to act hitters in really just tried it. Tribe ahead in the count you know get about 12 count 02 count. And so far to restart we haven't walked combat by but it's definitely the big thing that we're watching to see. Okay and the other shoe to drop at some point that so particle may have been pretty good. Derek always good stuff appreciate the insight and we will talk again soon okay. Are much I felt audition and they get Esther what more MLB analyst for 15100 ESPN radio in Twin Cities joining us in the Schneider or challenge better Harry drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years in the union done. 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