Wheeler: Half the Cardinals players lack a track record

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, February 22nd

Kevin Wheeler of 101 ESPN Radio in St. Louis takes a look at the Cardinals’ expectations. Are they in a similar situation as the Brewers? Are they missing a stud player? Where is the most depth on the team?


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Like Kevin Wheeler from ESPN radio at Saint Louis and I have been body. Are hurt your at art here I I can't tell you how happy I think we are just is Wisconsin nice and cold weather people that we're happy that baseball is on the horizon to be honest with you abide. I think there's for the first time I think genuinely in a long time maybe since 2011. There's a true optimism here I don't think the brewers are ready to fly yet I think they still need some arms but. Boy I I I tell you what it's it's been a whirlwind of ticket sales and people are excited about this team but how about that the cardinals are what they have going on on their there was a load. Lot of it is their they're great the great leaders here though there are a lot of upper or work a look at the exit there there's a lot outside lay on Selig. But they also have a law works then open the court will do you normally they're pretty steady as it goes. They're not you know you don't they're not gonna be almost certain level they might cattle blood in them as it is something special was. It this year there's so many eighties and feel like every element that we talk about the move from. I'm prepared repeating what he did last year the Marcelo sort of break out to. No got the young kids that are getting it could help other big East Africa what everything is about a year. But if it happens and if that happens the cardinal will be fine. It basically get through your four guys that say it was what if you know you're probably got it torture get back at our back carpenter cult like it has. There are a lot that it was positive or there's. They don't have anything else out here and with multiple is the so called public track record that got what we can remember the last twelve months. So pitching wise. Wainwright is a guy that's had great success and also head injuries walk is a guy that has had great success in me. Overall when you talk about being successful you talk about the pitching staff. And then you've got the battery would Molina back there. How does this pitching staff match up if you're gonna compare yourself to what the cubs have. Where are you. Behind cops there and you know I think the cardinals and the brewers earnest similar spot when it comes to their rotation. Also potentially really good answers I mean. Let Jake Anderson repeat what he did last year but it could be well does a lot of track record of doing it that way but that would be the same thing packets paper. Half of the cardinal players mean it really there in a similar spot where. They need some of the babies to be good and as you mentioned Adam Wainwright he's two straight years bill 56 straight starts. Where it got any area combined for the last year's notebook five. Giving up more home runs striking outlet got the walker going up. Block that he's been dipping may not but that hell of a trend to try to overturn a look at sort of blew me away the other day so I would look at. The last time Adam Wainwright without rain right what forty porting. Mean that's three years that you. Emit most of what it fifteen with a ruptured Achilles yet. And that it's when he's sixteen he was upper or Sierra laster is over five. And he has an elbow problem last year can Padilla instead out right to report. And it's you know coveted when he kidnapped them that's a lot to make up you know Michael walker has been basically a league average picture for the last three years. Got tremendous talent and it times you'll see a complete game shutout and in the next gig. The Weaver got really I I think you know he probably. The cardinals third that's starting pitcher it could be its first full season in the major leagues he's really good competent at least five. All but I have no idea what mile Michael at this. What a night is coming back from Japan and when he was here before it got rocked what you re organization so. You know we we don't really know about this rotation and I think that's what we'll at least some of the I need the bullpen. It got a lot of doubt they got you know eight guys that are pretty solid but they'll have. I hater or enable the finish and I think that's another area with the brewers have a big gadget in the eighth and ninth and. What is the expectation from out from cardinals fans are sure they are looking at this is one eyebrow raised saying we still need more or are they looking at saying while. We hope just the cubs aren't as good as the cubs think they're going to be a. Why they if everybody's gonna get create gauge of they speak urged carpool and you point. This is probably the most doubt that I heard from cardinals they're going into what he's been not been covered the cardinals sit two out. They're they're just they're they're there are a lot of people that are frustrated. You know the revenues streams have gone up. That would be television deal that kicks in this year connector forty million dollars you're revenue. I you know every team got the fifty million dollar check. From the sale part of an LP a bit media to. Did it ain't so every team got an extra fifty million dollar check Oracle's payroll out from Y. So there are a lot of bands that are frustrated Rick. You know the the passing on guys like Greg Holland passing on a Jake Gary had a passing on doing something more tournament and settling for. Polling numbers that the issue yacht that a great holiday brought it like fort differently that you defrauded. But Norris and publicly held from Toronto and they brought hill they're hoping to get it with numbers with crackers and coming at a rather that with one guy. And I would say that you have a very uneasy fan base here tables were not question. The most doubt that the band bases acts inside the Saint Louis alters. Where is Metheny and all this I mean this heat. We've with the personnel they have really look at general manager or they ligament seeing go you gotta get these guys over the hump. Like both I mean I I think a lot of the frustration is probably don't even further up. That the Yemeni a lot of frustration directed ownership for not standing payroll. Ordered a bit out of there not at all there is not what they could beat but might get on the hot seat that is any question about that. I don't know that he is definitely going to get fired they missed the flight ops thing. You know eat eat the owners do welcome and eat he's obviously a lot that is for five years. I'll work there were four years or should they are pretty clear that the at least your first actor ever to make the postseason first first four years as manager. But people look at this thing but it's getting worse. You know they went from the World Series in its 4012 the LC yes. To the division series and now two here or there out of the playoffs completely. Anders unquestionably. Pressure being put. On the managers' shoulders all of this because. You know there you you can't always out of the best roster that you can't all you can. Surmise what it is that you you're out and he's being criticized and rightfully so not only getting the most out of the out of the roster that he has. But I hope that they have to have a better roster so what you had. They've gone through a lot of changes to all the coaching staff there's good pitching coach they brought back old dale and notably the French coach the third base coach they brought in. Willie McGee. You know one of the all time great most popular cardinal players never committed the on the Major League after the work with face slaughter and outfielders. So they're setting it up this year basically. As day eight Mike's got everything he needs so we all read that it assay are re edit the way of saying and we need to get it done or let it change. I'm talking by the way with Kevin Wheeler from one of one ESPN radio in Saint Louis now the division. We all know this could be a division and which a lot like last year. With the west this could be that have a division in the central where you could and that was Saint Louis and Milwaukee both real kind of vying for the wild card. I think the realistic position is the wildcard for either of these teams because I think just on paper the colleges that Dan good. Do you see is there any rumors floating around there. If the cardinals are gonna add a piece or maybe have something on there you know in their eye is the trade deadline approaches mid season at the right there. But there's no miracle argument is there a lot also. Think that they liked our Donald that was good that. And I know everybody here took notice that shut down contract negotiations with the blue jays this week so. I eat eat the guy that the cardinals fans after I can't. Predict it is good about the cardinals right now at their lineup. You know they they're big up pretty good hitter in just about every spot in the order the bigger and he seems to be pitching but they have a solid young pitching so. Know what we've been look at guys like Chris archer as a as a name that ball following an obviously. At McDonald's Aventajado. I think they'll be interested in something like that because you can look at the cart history built. They don't have a history of getting out in free agency and winning an open bidding war against the only guy strike it and get David Price they didn't get Albert Pujols. But what they've tactic that's doing is acquiring guys. And then citing them after their gear but that got to do with Matt Holliday slid for example. So they may try to repeat some of that and see if they can't. Got a boost their team for the stretch run that beat give themselves the chance to maybe get a shot one of those guys in the offseason. Think. We'll look at what the brewers are darned how far away the cardinals from say because at the age of many of their players. From doing what the brewers had to do and that is. We got to take a serious look at the age we got to get younger now do they haven't because every year there's always a cart on the comes up and just. Sets the world on fire and you think OK there's the future but how far with this many guys at the age of thirty Euro over. Making the kind of money they're making and how long before they say you know what we may have to carry this thing down built back up again. Yeah ought to you know I don't see that the possibility anytime in the future I think it. Adam Wainwright contract up this year and that nineteen and a half million that they won't have to spend on air. They'll Carlos Martinez only 46 years old only making ten million dollars here they don't have any other pictures the Walt Kerviel. The reversal that rookie contract is that I am prospect it got two more top 100 prospect like sisters. All we all saw Alex creates a little bit a couple of years ago he's coming off Tommy got our act where he went fourteenth at war last year between double interplay. And it is the site top fifty prospect coming into this year. I don't think they're going to be in that position but the only bought term contract that they out is it's not your Molina and by law permits rigueur. So yet they get over ice you know wreck our partners and its thirty but he only got one more year that's. You know at a point right up this year pulling that up at three years it got one of the top catching prospect in baseball at Carson Kelly behind Molina. It got a load of young outfielders coming I don't he's got. I don't think they're gonna be in that position though this is something that if they are offered as try their little boy putting himself in the position where. It got too much money tied up. I think it's likely that a little mediocre the last couple years the opposite because they haven't made a big investment. But when you look at the long term picture they don't really need to do anything differently that they could do to get there won't be any terror outcome I would. They've got when you go look at there minor league system I mean they've got some quality guys and guys that are highly ranked. But there's not like a plethora like normally you'd see Saint Louis with. 1520. Guys all baseball America top 100 that have to think. You've got some of the highest rank guys but it's not as deep as it has been in the past is that just merely because it trades in pieces away and try to rebuilding. Or because maybe they missed a few guys where is that minor league system right now. Well you're you're right on the position player side they'll really have any rock stars on the Asian players are. They don't have anybody that projects to be at all star as a at this division where they've got to watch a good outfielder but they're all good they're not late. What they app more than anything and where there really voters with such. The that you got there obviously Alex where it is the potential for the the rotation guy he. Number one pitching prospect in baseball lashes with forty or other jobs surgery. And I mentioned readers are in the big league rotation and Jack clarity there's a kidney Jordan hit just sort of under under two mile an hour. That was blown people waited in spring training so far he might be the cardinals closer by the end of this year. Dedicated riot help when you broke a hundred is compared to Chuck Rosenthal. They've got pitching bill operated out. I've seen these artists that got. At least separate guys that are 95 to a hundred and they're all lined up between I ate all the Major League there's like to whatever level there could be okay there. But what we don't what you don't have is. A long term franchise player. Mean the gambling as your franchise player now by by longevity you only got three years left in the residual structure right Marcelo the vote only got two years left under contract. All of these days if Tommy and it really good what he's thirty now so I hope that what they don't have it that long term. Felt like cool blocked all but the player RP should be okay on the pitch exactly walker but they you know the opposite side street fair. All right well we appreciate it to us live once he's not really looking forward to I think we're gonna have a three horse race tonight as long as they keep the cubs in their sites who knows what happens down the stretch but there's gonna get it talked all season long held in OPEC. Yell out get out and play what what things for the brewers in the cardinal had an advantage over the cup that the cubs that any injury. They get your debt they got nothing in their upper levels so they have a couple injuries are standing cardinals band capacity on. Yep do some dancing in the streets no doubt about it Persian appellate judges and you got a ticker Leo Kevin Wheeler joining us on the Schneider orange hotlines.