Woelfel: Jabari has looked good, if not better than before

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, February 14th

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times says the Bucks’ true test will begin against Denver and then after the All-Star Break. How should Thon Maker be utilized, considering Tyler Zeller has played well?


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Buck's got to win last night Johnston have like this more and Norman shot a scheme. Fifteen points fifteen boards three assists. Which audio on edit now you're so be honest nights. 9792 they knock off the hawks. Now eight games over 500. As the Bucs get a win. Talk more about it during warp overseen journal times joining us on the Schneider orange how lying Gary are you doing man. In murderer well it was a sluggish win last night Chris Milton played well. But I I guess other Joseph brought to you what you see different. To be absolutely not a whole lot. I mean there's some weeks organs when he was. There that are that Trenton has hurt as much as they have that are. Being held them more accountable to guard doron they have worse for the media notes switch and stuff like that. But overall not really not a lot of difference. So what what is then they live the key for this team getting wins as opposed to taking some of the ugly losses they did under Jason Kidd. Well that's a good question there is so focused the you know the players seem happier he's number one I don't think they feel. This stressful pretty editor kids in. You know champions and while it's certainly work world looser group were more on. What you don't normally there at the reaction when there's a coaching change that most reporters. Were more than happy to see Jason Kidd jettisoned in you know when when when there's a coaching change is usually pretty. While in the win at least for the first couple weeks. And the Bucs of course we have been healthy immensely. Of the sought to partners schedule and the timing was absolutely perfect cordial Ponte. Is it is it just as simple as a schedule I mean can we are I guess my next question is what do I expect when his team starts playing stiffer competition to look for them to kind of falter back to what we saw. Early on. Or do we because of the most say the swelling confidence that they're gaining from this particular Porsche Porsche of their schedule. Does this then turn things around for them desist just all start to come together in the eastern do you guys back open. Well I think kids can come back to earth and their plate belt really cool when he. Did woody bear all right now but. Looked at the schedule booked for May think six in the pursuit he. After the all star break are against teams that would be in the playoffs. I think their points. At that juncture. Well we have a better idea you know we're gonna clean my books are. Yet they got to they've got one more they got against Denver and then you've got the all star weekend and then they don't play again until Friday. Were they play what it. Right exactly because they don't play until Friday in Detroit or in in Toronto I'm not mistaken right to come right out of the chute Toronto. Yeah I mean so they're hip two up he you know never Utley is one of the most improved team yet. That they're playing good basketball. In you know we're talking about you know waiting until after the also great to find out about it Auxerre I think that. Climate gains in via a real litmus test Google bought guns and what what is certain. Says Denver's city Greg. When Denver comes in town I expect hopefully because the weather's going to be better crowd should be better a little more into a winning is certainly helped. Column in winning at home is usually when at home and looked good doing it. I think you could do nothing would bolster you know people warning commands CU we start to get a little bit of an energy applause. Down the Bradley Center. So I have looked I just think that this team desperately needs this win going is forced conference you an update ten and two since the fire your head coach going into the all star break and sitting up pretty well. Is force the standings goes you'll have yourself pretty solidified. And that deficit since you're battling for fifty or so to speak. You'll look pretty good doing Asia have a lot of confidence coming out of the all star break and well rested to Nstar pitchers on your guys back. Well absolutely and you don't support Parker's only gonna give veterans the right goes you know so. From that standpoint it's gonna be cared you know stalled over should be coming back. So you know there's definitely a lot of encouraging things to look forward to next season. Tie with a wizard right now for the fourth spot in the east our military wall for the recede journal times gimme give your thoughts and your board because I think. For a as long as he's been out offers many injuries disease had he just he picked that were left off it just looks really really good. Did you see that on by the way let it yes. I'll monitor this and yes I think I think you know what I'm a member of yeah Parker and we have to all the local. I well the other thing is that are on that side yes she wanted to make sure that he came down he was OK but on the opposite side. When he got hurt for the second time my thought was that explosiveness was gone. And he showed it last night. I agree you know some of their medical people told me there. It's Rory will do scooter even better than you want for a second entry return of the they hit it I had some reservations about that that I talk to mark our league who has agent polished I go on the including. And now I'm bully and he says security now are the four. While we were talking earlier today about some of the help that they shooter should not yet do you think Brandon Jennings amounts steady thing in and makes his team or do you think it's just a safety net in case somebody else goes down. You'd meet Olivia took you five point gain helmet. I don't know what deployed a little played forty. How good how just give a submissive share the basketball move the ball and on the floor allow others to us. More. You know what it is delicate balance and crackdown on corporate doesn't have sold out with. Thank you grandkids adventure or you're really grew and was able. We saw home. At the peak of this career you know the first round. And he wasn't very good because what executives who wrote that he was so. Again not so sure look at some sort of all of while. Is it just so somebody Joseph like I said just a safety net just in case. Yeah I guess of safety safety seats. I need to linger there were other. What were. Picked up a subscriber. That there must be obviously unity behind the scenes recent court. Well what becomes of the box and pick it up you know the big man obviously. Do you get and then what we've seen Zeller played pretty well you have pretty nice game last night. Thought maker has been somewhat of an enigma because everybody expected him take the next step but he really hasn't hence in his. Really solidified that starting role at times played well what he's been consistent I guess the best way to put regarding his game does Tyler Zeller work his way and that's starting lineup. If your books and you hope that. Yeah another not against Tyler and yeah that is true that you know last night traffic I put you know he's he's below average player. I mean good bounces around that was thirteen fourteen. And there's a reason for. You know hopefully Saturday. Baker. Just keeps getting better I mean god can really help this skiing. It is a question especially mark he remembers shooting standpoint. I immediately took note of the EU recorder which he normally does. He can be a knockdown shooter there and that's one of the things books that we need. Well what what does he need to do to take that next step we all thought he would get better. And he just hasn't he's looked off or almost two times in doing that. Yeah I did. Yeah absolutely yeah of course want to Tutsis who did that. That was serious crimes god rest but he's shown signs recently were coming around. In I think Rick sector's confidence and that he gets of captain going up and I think you'll be fine but again there. And he is perimeter shooting because. You know some of the vehicle and whatever he wants blood vessels can get away with a every once Littleton and the wind. And certainly to Ari. So what looked at penetrate somebody's gonna have to help well in them more often than that it would be non-GAAP. By the way I don't know if you noticed when it pride these interviews and posting comments and such I've not heard him use the words were young wants it. Beautiful up or. I just I think he heard everybody else say the same damn thing saying you can't say that anymore. You know it was really get all the every. Do a lot of BA people. They thought decency by saying that they can build chapter chat course. You know that hey we need. In you know I think Joseph prompted cozy setup to listen to us say that even the people we've you know. But yet you're actually right yet mention it on and hopefully more. For Jason Kidd because we all know that he had a bulb friendship with the last treason evens and as such does he yet another opportunity coach. Well he's certainly it was good. Two Kovalev and wind solar since the departure. Isn't he's convinced he can be coaching next season. Olympia they're convinced start to. Know several people around the league they're illegal they don't like to sit or coached yeah. And then there's been you know rumors spill out of are we going cheeks CNET. Into attracted to officials of Phoenix organization and the Serb court go Michael film at all. And they haven't they listened yeah. Yes that'll. So you don't but again you know kid it's got a name you've got a reputation you know also. You know to be Robert servers the Croat and could be weeks until it yeah. He does well did anybody he does what he wants and while Jason Kidd eight to give them because you. They go cassava is always Gary we'll talk again next week okay. They are about to populated area Gary will oversee journal times joining us for couple minutes in the Schneider orange hotline shutter hiring drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years they be getting it done. Call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com.