Woelfel: Is there a chance the Bucks could land DeAndre Jordan?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, December 6th

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times and WoelfelsPressBox.com discusses the trade rumors surrounding Center DeAndre Jordan. Plus, we’ll preview Bucks vs Pistons.


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Billows out a couple of days villain in having fun talk and Packers in talking bucks as well Garrett Wolfe from the re seen journal times. And Wolfowitz press box dot com joins us. On the Snyder orange hotline dairy. I miss a fun time a year for YouTube you get you get this bucks team have some fun right now they they are being on twelve and ten at least doing some things in back at home tomorrow be a good time for you. Yeah absolutely you know the both of Torre go recruit now. Remember Albert exit look at yesterday or with the before yeah and saying how it. WSS yes that you are more awkward. In this as you know they're really do enjoy year. Occurrences on the show and allow that to the blossom. Yet they scariest it's in when you when you did it too we knew we we sent the text that was. Well he here's a thing when I'm looking for some information you know sometimes sex I know. Where areas of expertise sly and there's some things that pop up and I say Gary is going to have the answer to this question you invariably habit that's the best thing you haven't every time like oh quart of he had really they can you help me creating fake social secure sure. No problem are but where we we yeah we have a our conversations but but yet when you said it I was like O Gary I hope we have him on Wednesday K is because you know I knew I was gonna step in so. So here we are and we're talking and talking about these box and I did. Let's go back to this game in Boston. Trailing by twenty for a lot of the scheme and losing by eleven and yes that's not the result that you want. But there are worse some big positives and in that game don't you think. I'll absolutely you know that they got off to a moved will certainly have a lot of breakdowns and he got some sort order. You know the the three point shooting tidbit ought to have money Jason. Tatum was going crazy. Animal a perimeter of but they made the adjustments in the middle pack it in you know it's it's that easy when he's in Boston and baby meter run. But. You know same time be noted you just can't get down double digits. In the first quarter in Q1 of those two week innovation Lisa resiliency and I'm sure going forward to that will be your mind. Trades are still atop the Eric Bledsoe deal I think has has paid some good dividends for the team certainly help the deaf. What about DR Andre Jordan is it is did I mean are we just is it fodder or is it something legitimate to can help this team. Well considering given that wrote the story that's a book about sort of to sit. At. Bill with more than a rumor it at a rate that that. Yeah no I mean it it is there's that we've been captain between some clippers so to several BA officials. This of the boxes in the Washington Wizards in Toronto Raptors have been so terrible World War II revoke primary seems I'm sure there is upon others what. All of those scenes there are trying to take the next step that become you don't. Alter a competitive in their respective conferences. If you look at the books. You know they going forward that they're going to be a big physical senator. You know people can dead ball screen crawl on what you with a picture schools are built on. You know and in many situations. So yes it makes all sense in the world. In interestingly enough. Hondo oil I've I've known this for a while it. It can't be sure. This friend skills to on the books. Again and again think back it see if I can tomorrow with a connection yeah yeah I don't know who isn't I don't want you or what it. There what we're all okay they are. Played together when they were you know in Los Angeles and also scope and have remained out of round some. When Eric Bledsoe Credo that he wanted out of Phoenix. Yeah hundred Jordan tweeted back saying hey you can come bluster and put it not so. He's not going to Los Angeles who knows maybe units or come in Milwaukee. It at tea this with what we've seen from Bledsoe and and again going back to that between that you mentioned. He didn't seem real happy when things were going south and Phoenix but yeah he's just been. First of all a terrific addition for the bucks but second I haven't seen any issues or any problems he certainly seems to fit in well. Yeah I know I know he's so obviously he's accurate Jones ordered a worker scorer right. Last summer check I think the last six scheme compared to gridlock or one or two points scored to even. And now operating team to pick up at 840 point plus scorer. At this point in the season is currently Kook. You know the only flaws in his game. This clear is the currency you know he he plays defense when he wants when he wants to quit the currencies spirited. When he doesn't not so much and you know all the point guards believe you can produce eco. It every night. That that'll they're watching that of course. It's just that three point shooting he's only a career 32%. Three point shooters. He struggled mightily in the first 67 games with a split last couple games. He's improved matters and so but overall I mean Tuesday tremendous pick up. With this team now facing a Detroit at home two nights. Here's an interesting though litmus test of a game rate amid this a team it's above the bucks from staining standpoint but have been sliding backwards a little bit to of late this should be. At you know bureau wanna call anything in game 243 crucial women this be nice win with the. Well absolutely game and you know what the bucks a bit problem in the gun up quirky against the Wii seems like the Celtics. Go sit warriors coming back the very next game and you know some natural letdown. So world the other books respond to this game what. You know Detroit. You fully expect a better candidate and eat it might. 56 coached yeah week doesn't get a lot of credit what. Everywhere he's gone he's so one. In another intrinsic part of this Detroit's scenario. Number Henry don't include you have. You know organic garlic it's off the bench in Detroit right. Had slipped. I talked to several people in the Detroit organization. And their reading about Henry. And then sect when I talk to use this is Smith recently. He said you wouldn't believe what Henry election is going to crack. So. I love dogs don't see that because and then you're obviously very careful. Careful book bringing him along but. Then I'll say what it p.'s coo -- from the Europe Goosen put on great. And can be another weapon form. That's that some fun stuff. Leuer is in that organization and and Bronson Cheney get the geely and pistons are all full of Wisconsin dudes are there. Yeah you know love and got the of course and so gasoline gets on border in each. Blake from Marquette has dumped it. Would have meant to win marketplace it's. We'll go out and coming up we'll be so much interest in wagers. This the DB in state rivalry continues Garrett Wolfe will Racine journal times. Wolf holds press box dot com don't abilities Twitter haters get too down you know you know we love you here on the show you know I would wait recently mentioned it. Can they do I rate because if you ice it is crazy I don't know if I've seen anyone who just takes heat. You you could just tweet like a period like you know that the punctuation a period and B would be like that's right. You know what. We have Korea I can't remember last time I read your responses so you know we are so it. Yeah you can't you can't be paying attention and haters maybe get you got to do your work Gary thanks for joining us man always a pleasure. I don't think I scary wolf full on the Schneider orange hotlines Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard to treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Call them at 8044 prided go to Schneider jobs dot com.