Woelfel: You really can’t find issue w/ the Budenholzer hire

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Thursday, May 17th
Gery Woelfel, our Milwaukee Basketball Insider, shares his thoughts on the Mike Budenholzer hire. Which qualities stand out? What does he think of his top assistant and former Buck Darvin Ham?

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Hopefully your Hammond a fantastic day we certainly appreciate your hanging out what is for fuel I don't like those radio Joseph cross away everybody's here today. Mr. Moore bot is here today chuck Freeman is here today. We got some janitor I can't pronounce his name and he's in Czechoslovakia he's run around here today. He's been border guard they're somewhat again Kamal and he'll be here film producer for the next ten days the guy from Czechoslovakia jet ski. Be will be here now wherever his manner. Cool like an. Odd that being said and we know that in town as mr. belzer. Who apparently had by the way from what I understand and I I just I begged I got a friend of mine. Real close William Miette. And I Tex I said okay thome Ken Jabbar he'd be in the breakfast meeting with booty holder. And Middleton and as a restraint he's even before it got the whole question I I know he can't be once that season is over even though it's not an official end of the NBA season. He can't be with that he can't do he still work out at certain things and do things routine activity cannot do. Stop in regards to coaching and all accounts said he can't can't do that not until he's re signed serves but he. So one and a wanna make that clear I was told him radically now so that's a reason he was not. In that morning meeting with. Yeah honestly Chris Middleton and oodles and yes at least that's a way understandable get verification from that. Always curable form Milwaukee basketball insider Gary is that's exactly what you hear and you understand as well. He story that they differ. Yeah I would certainly felt July 1 step. The other everybody knows these sort of free agency is like first. But Doctor Who have somebody from the that's what else ball players association or even so. Technically a part Parker free agent until July 1 and therefore could have been part of that meeting. I'm coming from a player and media players so yeah okay. Yeah I lied I talked to players so that that was so he said no he said I would have been. So. Yeah we emphatically no he should know I wouldn't have been there is there is freeagent so. The other the other angle to this is that Jabbar wasn't mentioned. Sure I'm sure he. We knew that the war. But he went down there for India pre trail to. And he even he would be your players procreation. And asked him to use the to all be trapped coal or prospects. In and so are you know what birdie at downtown. Arched Chicago hotel room you don't speech. No cracked well in the area have so maybe he was allowed but he wasn't even in town so. Uno but I know a lot of people are making a big deal out of this and he wasn't there. And that's why I wanted to count around find out for sure and if income my first thought was one he just wasn't in town has most of the players. Get out of town but I know. Talk informs people in the neighborhood. That he's still he's moved his family appear. He has a house here they still see construction going on a social work being done he still BC in an era it's I thought OK well if the this year. Indeed traveling somewhere well then why was millionaire so I went through when my friends in the if players so to speak to said no I would have been camped ourselves okay. They're healthy you know the one that is going to vote particle. Is that people in town usually I don't drive one goes all be in. Yeah let not quite that's what a friend of mine told me was that they had seen him because of the cars. Palm but they'd seen him I guess he was watching one of armor something. Oh and all right I don't know ours is gonna say Soviet guys in the neighborhood tipping his cap to people drive by washing one of those 1964 Shelby's. That's fantastic I mean the guy just he's still here I mean at least you would assume that he's going to be here wants to be here. Welcome you saw me you know that you know he doesn't get any Martin's. But because all he overall sports cars or treat as our need to really really considerable means oh she. But it got to tell me. That. Jabari. Ride in one of home late at night. And lo and behold it broke down. So. You know. So we have old Dick about it etiquette I. You know what when you when you drive at all and as that you expect. Yeah exactly. You know. Our R&R and now. You know why when you when you get that kind of cash you're gonna have that kind of cash you can you can always Margaret you know. His only a phone call away whoever I broke down on the guys hitting ice in 1964 chevys are bell and if he comes when buying gimme at notre gone away how it. I mean and that's yet economic. Gary tuchman Gary wolf for Milwaukee that's cool insider so from everything I've heard and I I broke and I called a buddy of mine that. Covers the the Vegas leaves that is no mood older. Prolonged time he thinks that the Bucs have knocked it out of the park the way they handle it the number of interviews they went through the fact that they knew that booty calls or was on their radar but yet. They still went through the process defected they brought him in twice they interviewed him doesn't matter where he says I don't give a blank if they interview or amend in Brazil it doesn't matter. And the east and the fact that they finally found their guy and before they made any official they took him to the players as in hey guys. Being honest in Middleton and sank just me when this guy let us know to think to get the players to take ownership of it and sign off five he said he thinks they have out of the ballpark and your thoughts. Yeah I mean I don't know but it could be up and legal issue and I hear that they had like ball well it is. You know I think that is sort of price five or six weeks till the trundle it okay. That might look older at Seoul summit opens quote social Romney NBA. That you want it to the Milwaukee Bucks job okay. In that police spoke volumes that guys actually on a jockey or you can go out with you know. Because there's not a lot of guys that do that usually. The box adaptable very you know brilliant coach here. They have I just remember when a recruit for. They're just like you are but our affiliate. In hand there are several other coaches they achieved block it's like. They are and so and so he got should be happy that I Peter. And wouldn't Alter it to control action in general we want to coach or. That was one of the things it toe with whom we dresses in the last hour was dead heat. Left Toronto without an offer blood there was the he insinuation. That heady one of the job he could've taken in. Where he wanted to caught kind of talk one more time with a box and the fact that he one of the 31 of the box job. Over the Toronto job should speak volumes to the fan base is saying that look from the outside looking in the upside for what this organization has. Might be better than what a lot of people think it is here on our own backyard that tend to look at things in more of a negative light after again being ousted in the first round of policies. Yeah I mean if you look at the pecking order in the eastern captains or other you don't. Boston and Philadelphia. You know Milwaukee and the job as he departs with yet so. I can certainly we were Mike was stirring interest at the computer. So. What what does he bring the table when yours because are talked about the current player prowess the fact that he is an open door guy here and in some guys say that but he genuinely is he's a guy that work with you one on one he's. Hey you know I just heard a lot of positive things now. He's not a guy that is gonna motivate via fear he's not going to be a guy's gonna motivate you because you're afraid you're gonna to ago. 200 push ups and run your tail off he's a guy that just kind of walks in the room it has this modicum of respect. Yeah you probably you opened your description I mean. You know what I told the people in Syria I watch the hawks could get. I'm actually see it on don't get people who. You know what. Are are. And the one thing I don't work how important each game I mean eat yet. He's obviously this was the whole game easier to play her in acting with the official. And that is really in tune McCain. And the other thing I don't really like in MacBooks and of course it really quite. The fact that just seem boom football you know if you don't want equality that. Quirk their interest can let the good guy gets it you know that the ball's moved to a dead at open. And I think that would where the bucks you know very well. What do you think he is. His force and x.s and o.s guy. Well he's he's he's got some wind would switch and a novelty around here. Yeah but I mean he is that look worked until he jumped up. I'll switch tritium. A move couldn't flopped and quickly possibly Chelsea Clinton will be like old yet. In Atlanta and I'm sure he'll M ought to let. This is schemes are solid with a saw them on what you have the Super Bowl crown to. I liked the fact that when you talk about being a player's coach he's very much. It. Not adjusted x.s and knows not just a basketball guy sometimes. And I and I hate to bring a Jabari Yemeni as you go to a gala to Bahrain when you talk to people around him saying he's a very very loyal guy if you you can if you're straightened from winning. He'll run through walls for. And with a lot of guys on this team seemed to be impression mourn that in that regard it sounds like. At least not x.s and o.s were more personality wise they're booty holes are probably was a very very good fit for what this team has offer. Yeah you know the other thing that I think it's really. We're gonna help local old veterans got oceans are in Hamburg number. Going out there we will do our there was an energy guy I mean he was a guy come off the bench. Get to just Harrell 4003. Monster dunks and then go to the bench. Yet when you don't let you know fifteen people at all or are no not since his life. Or hurt in the but I doubt you know yes you can play horse with a from beyond the arc you don't his house. It is exactly what. You bet Garvin that Garvin and he is just outstanding individual he knows how to lead people. In talked to launch players. Who played for auctions are gamble with the years being able. Now the big question is he gonna come to Milwaukee got. Right. Correct correct you would assume it bring you. Well that that's the assumption in and I'm sure you're going to be coming here but having said that. Post poll last week at least one team park when two teams. We're gonna make offers that have him come to their teens is. Even oval we've assistant or as an associate head coach. Seeing but he but again actually you can walk but it kind of exploring vote too you know. The respect people that urban area. I wonder where the level of loyalty lies when it comes to dart first of all I wonder the box would do that. And make our enhancing assistant head coach if that's the title that that he seeks and second ER one. I was just say no I wonder where the level of of loyalty or were fond memories or the willingness to return in the want to return. 22. To see something you don't you don't like Milwaukee wonder if that's so appealing to him that he would you say you know what I'm going to Milwaukee allowed to. Yeah he ego blah blah you get there at Oakmont course toward the other day and age. There must have been five years build good news though 11 count with urban Campbell that you would accept the Bradley center for game. And we talked about him becoming a culture that time. And you go to north during he'd sit I would look at some date look at George Milwaukee Bucks. Yeah they're like war hole I had never ever heard that. You went from. Sorry. But I mean if you like. I'd like to count she's a former NBA or former players strike you nobody ever told me that it should be wanna be your coach. Nobody or rookie of the ought to ought to interpret it and yet. In the in the unit will find out how on CEO. Air. Blair Dario keg Gloucester for policies broke a really met. If it in the long run it it's elegant to go to higher needed it it appears good on paper now we just have to wings he with a into the roster because you're only as good as the players around you but. Seems like there's a genuine amount of excitement. Four for booty calls to come in Milwaukee always got my friend okay. It it don't wanna put it written or don't ram some former coach yeah. I produce more and that it basically 90% gun. That you could become the coach the Orlando Magic is right for him I'm Evan and that so well and so on a good for him either camp. Good tire there to what's up man won't argue soon. They don't that's Gary willful Milwaukee basketball insider also Kelvin Sampson looks to be going to Orlando we'll see that in the panning out as well. Has dipped Gerry credit he called blue channels within two months ago. He called that two months ago. 85583086. Foray Euro reaction booting balls are the next head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks give us your thoughts maximum Michael Shia. Sixteen stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now.