Wojo: Can be shooting team, improve defensively

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, November 9th
Steve Wojciechowski, Head Coach of the Marquette’s Men’s Basketball Team, previews the season. Does this team want to play faster? What does it mean to have top recruit Joey Hauser signing with the program?

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Well first of all who knows picking up another Hauser I mean you're while you just keep scooping that now not so nice job there. Thank you know obviously yesterday it was. Huge day for our program with Jolie officially signing his national letter of intent you know I think Joseph he's one of the top a high school players in America he's really versatile player. Great teammate has a winning pedigree and we can't wait to get them off campus. So the outlook for this season I guess we weep you know obviously last year had some success and you get some tastes in and you kind of wanna build upon that so what is your outlook this season. Well you know we're open to build off last year although Martinez is very different last year we had a more experienced team we lost three. Thousand point scorers to graduation. Replacing those guys look I think some young and talented freshmen and who lacks some experience but. You know again I think we can be a very efficient offensive team. I think we're we can be very good shooting team. We obviously have to improve on the defense event. It was not an area that we work a particular year ago that last year. But I think this team has shown a commitment to a certainly working hard about it I think this group will get better veterans of the weeks along. Looking at Ted top to bottom obviously some of the bit bigger teams there Villanova is a team that's you know gonna try to lead this top heavy league and the thing about it is a big east it is much is. You wanna look at that the non football conferences this is a conference in which. Basketball reigns supreme and it's. Sometimes the records aren't indicative of the style player of the quality of play because you guys is beat up on one another correct. Yet another of the conference's. Just a bear I mean look at the end of the last season 70% of our teams made the NCAA tournament. Mean that's a percentage that's unheard and as good as the league was last year I think it'll be even better this year. Eight of the eleven all conference. Players returned. We have some of the most experienced and oldest teams in the league. And every night. Is a battle. And the traditional round Robin I think adds to that. And it is a basketball conference every school in our league is made a huge commitment to their basketball programs. Because they drive the athletic boss at those universities in it's just a really Fun League could be a part of but certainly not easy. You've got a younger team like you had mentioned you lose an experience so in and like many teams can't sustain we start talking about what is that used to mean. When you have to then try to I'm not saying you rebuild it so to speak. But when you got to figure out a flow and rotation and experience to me because guys are gonna get experience throughout the season early on the season when some of these games are really you know kind of and then the balance. Then what do you do how how do you get a guy to age so to speak. Well I think you have to start with your experience players in and hope they set a good to Olbermann dated date basis and even some of our experienced players have only. You know played at our place for a year but. Those guys at least have some idea what it takes to win at the college basketball levels we need those guys to be remarkably consistent. While those other guys are growing into who they're going to be. And I think our freshman all of them can be really good players. It is a matter gain game experience but what are non conference early in the year. You know we we played some outstanding teams so you know our our our freshmen are going to be thrown into the fire a little bit no opted not to handle themselves in. Against outstanding teams and high pressure situations. Are offensively speaking is this all rolling through Marcus Howard's hands or is do you feel comfortable with distribution or I mean it be these obviously he's considered one of the nation's top shooters. Not assure markets obviously is huge. Key to our season I think one of the things that allowed us to have one of the best offenses in the United States last year was our balance. So ward are gonna saying. You know the offense running through just one guy I don't think the defenses are too good to just take one guy out of the game I think we need to via a balanced offensive group. Obviously more markets is going to be huge out part of our offense because of his ability to score the basketball. In two rows deep will also be huge part of what we do we have that big east sixth man of the year last year and is a very good offensive player and Sam Houser. Is a little bit like this this trawlers surged to drink forest because seat. You know he does a little bit at everything calling offensive end and you know those three guys were very good offensive players for us last year and were hoping that we can expect the same things and more from them this year. Does this say salmon company of those guys are trying to clean glass as well on the as far as rebounds per game goes in just kind of going over some of the things I've seen out of them those are the guys you rely upon really tested clean glass and get that fast break on because you'll you'd prefer an up tempo style basketball. Yeah we wanna play up tempo and and play with pace you know obviously not with I mean not. Would disregard taking good shots or turned the ball over but. And we wanna play fast and try to score for the defense get set and if the defense is able to get set we we really rely on ball movement player movement and being unselfish as a group. And our guys I think are still barring intent to those things. Along the expectation this year is far is you know that the season so we'll start with the big east are everybody wants to win the big east what are you looking for out of a young team. Well you know I think we wanna keep moving toward a grown as a programming and last year we were we are projected to be in the bottom after the big east and we. Finished with you know in the top half of the Aggies now I think we wanna continue to do that. Climbing the ladder step by step in the Big East Conference which is not easy because of you know were not a conference that loses a lot of kids to the NBA draft two teams are what they are year after year. But we wanna keep moving the needle forward in terms of you know where we stack up against our big east competition as we did last year. Do you use like those pre season projections are you one of those guys don't cut it out putter or you don't bulletin board fodder and say this is where they expect a Stabile has proven wrong. You know I think our guys are too with that stop not now and information so readily available. That our guys understand what were picked and you know at the end of today. It's what you do on the court that counts and you know we're we try to focus on that what we what can we do on a day to day basis. To improve ourselves collectively and to improve ourselves individually sold in the ball goes up in the air you were ready to to do battle with anybody. That were matched up against. Talking and head coach of Marquette Doug Golden Eagles Q what your house you order joining us on the line and I talked to a gray get out of Wisconsin and link go a little bit earlier from UW Green Bay about being a younger team. Does that mean your depth to your rotation. Gets longer or shorter because of experience. Well you know I think early on a lot of times you know you're gonna go what you're more experienced guys just because they understand. You know what it takes. And the young guys have to catch up. You know to do older guys that you have in our program and so I think that's how you run the race with a younger team is they got a they got to catch up. Where it with the older guys as opposed to slow on the order guys down and and and two bit to the younger guys pace. But I think our younger guys won't improve. I think they they attacked practice. Pretty well. It compared to most freshmen I've been around him. I think DO Jon and Jamal came in Greg Eliot those three kids. Law have roles on our team this year and and help our team. When games. Obvious Portugal lasted Greg is yesterday and in my ask you same thing with everything that's going on in college basketball on the negative headlines and don't choose in money and things like that. How do you I guess my question becomes how do you stay away from that because there's so much out there that can drag you down how. How do you do your due diligence in keeping that out of out your own backyard. Well I think there's constant communication between myself and everybody in the program. But I certainly would mark Staten. And with my players that you know we're gonna do it right away and we're not gonna take any short cuts. You know clear conscience and makes a good pillow and you know he should never compromise your integrity. Or character. In order to. You know make a quick box or to get a quick way. You know we're in this to build sustainable program and that doesn't happen if you're doing it right way. Quickly. You you have to go to the brick by brick but I won't compromise on that. You know what people say about me in terms of my integrity is far more important and what people say about his coach. What Georgia pleasure we wish you guys the best of luck we don't have gone throughout the rest of the season and no wish a lot of wins men looking forward to an apparent so much.