Wojo: We’re using the NIT to catapult ourselves into next year

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Monday, March 19th
Steve Wojciechowski, Head Coach of the Marquette Golden Eagles Men’s Basketball Head Coach, joins us. What has been the biggest trait for his squad? Has he ever gotten an explanation as to why his team just missed the cut on the Big Dance?

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From your view if you have the NCAA tournament bracket you're probably sitting in some word before I spoke to drown your sorrows. But if you're Marquette golden eagle fan and you were still roll in on his Marquette got a 10192. Win over origin yesterday at the Al won an incredible atmosphere and talk more about it. There head coach he would house you know joining us on the shutter orange ally told judge you don't. There are great they're certainly not you know would sit coms that's me today about how they feel about the NCAA tournament Marquette IC you know what when it if you don't get to your ultimate goal you take advantage of the goals that are heavier and that's what you guys are doing that's kind of the methodology or at least the mindset correct. Absolutely and that's that without question that our mindset that we look at in IT as a great opportunity. To continue to grow to get better. You know with such a young team to play meaningful games in March even though it's not the NCA tournament. Is something that hopefully I won't look back on as a result of terrible for a program. Size wise financially you just you can't get it done there but what a great atmosphere at the out to be able to play these public games there and have that kind of raucous environment that you guys get a chance to play or not. It is it's been also I mean our crowds have given our teams so much light and energy. Our students you know we've had our student athletes come out supporters. In a men's lacrosse is done some things. Behind the basket that I don't I'm not sure I've ever seen before. But the crowds have been fantastic in the Al's been a great home for us. For the NID and and we really are appreciative of the support we've gotten from our fan base. When I go I go back a couple of years and we were sitting here just kind of talking about district first other show I remember a couple years ago we're talking about a team that can't can't hit from three guys just didn't have any shouts I scoring and that was kind of an Achilles heel. You guys can bring in beer vendors at this point hit from the outside what what's the difference is it just finding shooters or is it working on something different. Well I mean certainly we have some very gifted and skilled players you know in our program when you talk about. Marcus Andruzzi AM I mean in college basketball. You know I'd put those three up against any other you know three man tandem that a team can. Put out there on the war so you know they they brought a lot of skill to our program. I think thirteen has been very unselfish shall we get good shots on the offensive end. Then I think both of those factors have. Have led us to be com you know one of the better shooting team in the country. When you look at tell your next opponent Penn State still puts her pusher or good team watched him play in the Big Ten this year. Very strong any inside they got a little bit different game the which you guys have. What do you for see in this matchup. Well they're they're really athletic. They have great size across the board with our starting five I mean they're they're big. They're athletic. Tony car is one of the top guards in the United States she was first team all Big Ten. And you know to keep Josh reads as good defenders we've played on the ball. In in throughout Hershey's and so. Buried they bought 43 games you know they would like us we're we're we're just got to cut line for the NCAA tournament. That they've approached yet I see the right way you know you can tell their kids are excited they look at this. As an opportunity to keep playing to win more games and to grow as a program. So we expected to be just an absolute battle. When you go back to the soaring game I mean is it just as simple as say rousing getting high and draining a lot of threes or was it because. To me I thought you guys move the basketball extremely well I cloture bench has been part of your strength and not only yesterday but throughout the entire season. To me everything just kind of click on all cylinders for everything you guys have been doing right throughout the season. Yet and going into the game oriented team that that utilizes full court and three quarter court pressure. They mix up their defenses. And we wanted to go into the game with an attack mindset. And and and play in reacting be instinctive on the offensive end and I think that mindset allowed us to play at the level we did offensively. Certainly Andrew was a catalyst for that. But all of our guys I thought really. The 32 minutes and I gain. Really played aggressively on the offensive and it shared the ball and we do that you know we can we can put points on the board. Our coach courthouse near Marquette Golden Eagles and shatter orange hotline. Like you'd mentioned viewer like right there on that bubble or that college get an explanation for any from anybody within the committee as to what the difference was. From that game or that circumstance that would have allowed you to get into the and civilly term to get a little better clarification as to what you need to do better next season other than just obviously win. Yeah you know that could be committees not much on giving explanations why they put in Denton slightly chipped in doubt. You know certainly. There are there are some games that have. If we could have back we will wanna do it. Obviously you're one of the things that helped is last year we had a couple big wins. Over you know top ranked teams but we didn't have those this year. So you know I think there's there's a number of different factors you could look at. You know but all that being said we're still happy B client there's not many things around the country that are playing right now and we are. And we've got to continue to focus on the task at hand and getting better and that's been our that's been our mindset. You know since elections Sunday. As a junkie that's obviously played in more than a few NCAA tournaments. Do you get mean obviously your focus on the nineteen your opponents would you get a chance to watch the games are good for the tournament has been one crazy into extremely excited. Yeah you know I haven't had a chance to watch a ton of it for obvious reasons this were more focused on what we're doing but you know some of the scores. You know when you when they come up on your phone or somebody says. You know what happened in one of the gains. It seems like it's been crazy but that's why they called March Madness because these things happen. A lot certainly not a local one beating a sixteen. But you know there's there's there's always upsets there's always great games are always buzzer beaters and that's why. You know what it captures the hearts and the minds. Of the country. You know you guys have a go to your own union ninety Mississippi State and Baylor. But when Mississippi State come out with a point on top that was a fantastic game for the present happened to miss it that would mean that was as good as any you know any March Madness game that we've seen so you guys read your own segment. In the ninety so now all you did you get a day off to get a chance to breathe a little bit or is it just walk through there where he got. Well I wouldn't call it a day off. But obviously we can't do much from a physical perspective than we were little banged up as it is but we we need to. Get to know our opponents. Today we need to walk through the things that they try to do offensively indeed offensively and and put our plan and but we're not going to be able to do too much from a practice standpoint and from a practicality standpoint it's more mental emotional. In a game plan type of preparation for us today. Who steps up Hoosier Hoosier leader right now who's who's stepping in to say okay we got we got to take it in this direction or somebody that says okay. Banged up or not you know we've we've got some momentum we got to keep Rolen who you're reliant Iraq. Well you know I really you know when you that you talk about leadership I think one of the guys in our program that's made huge jump in terms of being a vocal leader. An energy giver is Marcus Howard. You know his leadership throughout the year his voice. His ability to communicate has been. Really really good for our team and we've we've become dependent on that voice and so markets has done a really good job in leadership. I think Sam Houser relieved in a different way you know he leads more by example he's not necessarily the vocal guy. But he's a guy who shows up every day to work at not at a really high level. And then Andrew I mean I think Andrews playing right now in this term it like a senior doesn't want. It is season to be overweight and you know that's something that you know we'd certainly relied on especially here in the senate determined. Hey Joseph and I are sitting here looking now I just got to ask united pardon my ignorance now are you guys at the Bradley Center back DL morning. We are yeah that's just like club that gets you listed at the Bradley Center I guess is because that your natural home corporate I thought you were at the hour I thought why I was misreading it so. Looking forward to more energy work's paid by the way have you seen the highlights I don't know who the student was. That guy's just jumping up and down going crazy in the middle of the session just behind the basket is that we got you were talking about early. So that's that's that's our men's lacrosse team okay and so they've they've been. There're there're. If they've been incredible and you know they've kind of been the spark. That like the bar for everybody else in the towel on and it's so good I mean that's one of the things I love about our apartment is Al Al the different teams support one another and it's it's been a huge thing for our games no no question. The guy the dark haired guy the middle that's on every sports that are highlight on every highlight that I've seen thus far that's the guys you gotta put him on the floor something putting men on in the eagle constantly that guy's got how he doesn't have like a neck injury from jumping around the way he does have no idea. They're doing to get a job ups and that's it I'm not I'm not gonna change anything with that. Yeah well superstition I can get John that one as well I understand hey a best of luck to you guys get away and you're off to New York are to Madison square guard we wish you nothing but the best coach we'll talk to sue OPEC. Thanks so much bridge about to regulate they go see what your house he had coached the Marquette Golden Eagles. They take on Penn State tomorrow night back at the Howell. So for those of you that are looking at say ESP and a the other brackets that are out there is not to be mourners Bradley Center. They're back at the Al McGuire senator tomorrow night and look for the look Kofi Marquette. Men's lacrosse team they're rejoined his bat crap crazy because it has been a lot of energy use and a lot of fun to watch. Over the Al McGuire senator and he joined us on the Schneider or challenge chatter hiring drivers right now. You're car they treat you fair eighty plus years that begin to get done call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died can.