Wren: No question it’s frustrating being blocked at big league level

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, March 22nd

Kyle Wren, Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder, discusses the challenges of trying to make the Opening Day roster with so many OFs ahead of him. How does he view the clubhouse atmosphere?


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My conversation we're brewers outfielder tolerant gorgeous sister spring training so far. I think it's gone well I feel like I'm seeing the ball well I think that's like the biggest thing comes spring training it's you know the results in your grading errors that denies that you kind of just human nature but in the spring you're seeing a ball long track and the ball awfully good at bats. On that and Phillip on the ball really well and you know luckily. I'm in Clinton. Opens indecent barrel on the ball to and got some hits in person. Big situations that's been good I mean again these opportunities and linking situations late inning situations and it's it's really could see this. No discussed liquor council give you a little. Advice or encouragement or to say hey you know good job today and that sounds good to see it. L time in day the afflicted nearly double giving you get feedback. But he gets it wrong it's a right there was letting you know. Com yet the Armenians you know Nate or we like to sit buying. Council and Murphy and all those guys in the dugout during the game and kind of just talk baseball iron. ABC game situations and so in that regard I think data released had a chance to relieved to know Lawrence of Cain Christian college kids. These guys right now our really can help turn this franchise around get them going into you know higher levels. Yeah I mean will we do outfield drills every day together so I've gotten you know I've got a chance and both from the both really good guys obviously really good baseball players. And so it's it's fun to watch guys that you've been you can watch on TV for awhile. And yeah and they go about their work right away I think it's publicly stating its save like that something you find that most guys have had successfully careers that. They get all their you know pregame work and post game stuff and making it their bodies are healthy stuff like that so. Yeah experience from just hanging around them then and kind of talk and then and seeing how they work has been you. What does it mean get retired workers outfielder comrade what does it mean. To be now here in this clubhouse with these big leaguers. And really taken in the atmosphere the food. The messages that crack counts is tell the team being connected what does that all mean what's it like I mean I think at think it solidifies your mind that you you know you're an option for them. Whatever point this season. You know it's it's funny because you know I brought up from baseball for a long time since I've been around Major League Baseball my Fam and to be in big league clubhouse for spring training for the first time it's you know it's it's just like everybody else it's a dream come true. Finding as I know most these guys I've been in Tripoli last couple years. A lot of these guys are guys who two years ago we're in Tripoli and right in the big leagues so again a lot of these guys. So it's it's it's definitely innocent veteran guys to lead the right way and it's also about my friends and playing with the last three years so. It's exciting in both this. But it's opposite result with all the talent that there is calculus right now if you're just trying to trying to make the team trying to get a spot. And yet there's a lot of depth there and it's it's really hard to pull that off. Is it frustrated at all does it mean how tough is. And is no question it's frustrating I mean. You look at the depth chart now and it's like you know what your mom probably six or seventh and the depth chart constantly guys you know guys go down who called it an accident. You know it's easy to be easy to dwell on that kind of look at it as a dire situation in place long I think I'll never get an opportunity. But I just got to. Have a good attitude about it and keep working hard keep putting up numbers and hopefully you know. Whatever happens and I'll get my shot and if I get my shot I do a lot of job. To stay appears so. That's a tough situation out. It can be frustrating at times but it didn't today getting tacky grind. You know baseball's a crazy game and we are things that happen you know you just never know. Yeah I mean it's you know it's. All the sudden it's like couple years ago like two or three guys collided in the outfield and all of a sudden like three guys like. That's not obviously not wishing for people to be heard like but that's just how baseball isn't so it's just. You know hopefully you're you're playing well and who knows something happens whether it's a traitor an injury years whatever happens in. Like I said he did your opportunity news in the do well. The result you're Kyle ran Kyle hopefully this season and what he and hopefully things continued trend upward may keep them thanks appreciate.