Wyatt-The Titans have high expectations in 2018

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Thursday, August 9th
We are joined by Titans Beat Reporter Jim Wyatt from TitansOnline.com to preview the preseason opener between the Packers and Titans.

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Jim Wyatt to the titans beat reporter. From titans on line dot com now joining us on the Schneider orange hot line Gemma you don't. I'll be regrettably Deloach one. Worked on while so I get a slowdown of the Tennessee Titans well let's start with the expectation for this upcoming season. Well a lot more money to be seen him at that same policy that they migrate Chirac in recent years what one dark days last year what does play well won a playoff game thinking it city is achieved first playoff win. He 2000 Florian but. Was symbolic position like Butler Deon Lewis. You know certainly there. High expectations of natural that a lot of changes have taken place in addition those got a bright duke coach Mike rifle ready law that about what. Forward coordinator. You know walk in ask god and different to years past and he got an in route division where actions should be better. Michelle walked back into the cold should be better what Andrew Luck factor actionable obviously much improved cases and talk for divisions. She while playing well. He'll look like they could be another step in the right direction is not going to be a lot egg all you have to come together. This season as well. No you know when you talk about getting a playoff win the first time in a long time for this team. Usually something like that gives your team a shot in the arm and you come back with a lot of certainly like you said new head coach there's a lot of things to watch for this this titans team. Like is there's as you mentioned there's still a lot of uncertainty IE he is does the uncertainty strictly come from. Their own team or within the division getting quarterbacks with the division like you would mention or is there something else that goes along more than it because they do have some decent weapons that you have. You know like you said Marcus Mary go to they've got that Blaine Gabbert. They've got you know and guys like Taylor and Davis and sharpened Kevin aero I mean they've got some weaponry there they've got a good tight end combination. So what is the Achilles fuel this team. Well I think you know they've got so blatantly insult me obviously you don't like coaching change. After a while seven. Season. And the playoff win an election felt like something the original formula I put my Milwaukee. The previous coach got to thank. Feel wasn't there was more out here with Marc Morial he did have. Good of the year last year previous seasons. Like a new law that will allow him to do more but he. Certainly have to adjust to a lot of changes in the we've got a very good receiving core work you know already got you you're playing at night. There are god would not a lot of experience your seat I want to play there just had it looks like your partnership or just as what your experience. You know a lot of young guard played word legacy did that doctor you don't know that he's played at night or short Matthews a better person quality but not played. Deborah are still very. So those are some concerns still got a question of the opposite blah we're jackpot could. You know looking like taco boot at all forward through the year before they yelled the playoff game in New England yet rockets. Well all law cities that is still will be pre. You know big coach quality shot the ball so a lot of changes India and yet the division is better. The got a social groups of things true and and they're still out of work a room some of that here during the training camp and that appeared to the pleasure. As much as I wanna see the progression of Marcus verio I don't think we're gonna see much of him tonight but you've also got the that you met before. Who was hired as the offensive coordinator comes over from the rams so that we. What is every night my question is like if they bring him specifically because of Marcus Mary Oda and open up his office a little bit. Good up like or rather what looked kind of community is that he's getting he didn't call quality. We shall we play. What Ryan but he did it all. What we're receiving game a lot these oh with the Williams and it was a good talkers here at Lambeau Field. He's coming back here to call the game for the first the host city with a heightens. Ethnic saw it will be designed to take advantage of Mario skill she more me. You can distribute got. No doubt perceive as Bob mentioned the partnership what should be a pretty good all day with DR Lewis and they're jittery. But finally. We look forward ago gob personality that low mortgage go to. Pretty innovative and you know route ruby could play callers. During his career he actually interviewed for the head coaching job putt. For what party was part of publish such problems for all those. And ownership all of so I think if you did period. With more remote area is still a work in progress about. Walking and somebody on the flat field up or ballots are true but there's not worthy to be yet to be one vote studies on the practice field that you could tell that the decision but it is quick with more go to. A that you give you more comfortable. That you're receiving goes order conceded get better and better. I know first round pick Rashad Evans not gonna play put god that I was really high and in the draft and I was kind of opened the Packers might end up with him is Cheryl Landry. This guy should be fun to watch how has he done a campus for. Keep well it does not elevated this struggle after really good career all our legislation vital water the usual apocalypse tackle in the league got a new contract is that this fall season. And the historical note about get off blocks against him. Asia some other ball which you can't Ortiz slapped you in the back field optic years. Kind of a game working at play here like decency so how he goes against somebody else. I think they were fortunate to get him to move got to get him in the second round. Do you think that you got did you ever nothing but to what we're rose because players for your typical topic landry's. He changed. You know playing behind Iraq will play him behind Morgan's caliber vocational of those I think he got bitching about it a good impact even as a rookie. I really like the I wanna call the after the energy of that secondary it's going to be adjusting without Aaron Rodgers playing tonight. You can have read Huntley and you're also gonna have to show on Kaiser. Going up against the MM CNB crude for those that don't know what that means it basically stands for the my man catches no balls that secondary in Tennessee you. This is that this can be a fun bunch to watch this year they're gonna rely heavily on that secondary to create turnovers. Yeah added that the strike hook up. The team and practice. In the debt made remarkable you're right it got at least four picks. Training camp you're at war on the very first night you told senator. You'll get a Bardot. All in all closely you've led the league in takeaways last year I woke delighted to reject the couple walked quarters. It took 45 to root out of people people won't go bit. In the remote village where would of those seizures. The mob make it snowballed seizure like Cheney broke up that kind of is challenging group that can't. You know clicking on a lot of them told a national that is well it is very an exciting group but obviously it will be grouped. If you get hit. Or did she get what job should review should have been you know the storm shall send you. That they knew he suffered an injury that toward ratio would have to be replaced but I think you can reluctantly got executed or vote. Forward with the site was loudly that you would they even require action this week I think we'll play at night. I think got a really good group that I played most of all right but. I think the wanted to achieve that people outlook Sri for the titans team. Or I'll wish at all with respect figures we're gonna think he's got a really good mix of veterans and so. While actual hours ago about well. Before I let you go I gotta ask is Jacksonville last year tenants six Tennessee to a magic get to the post season nine and seven. Too bad teams had a lot of injuries Indianapolis and Houston try to rebel report twelve records who went up winning this division to the Tennessee Titans. Better what they did last year. Well I think certainly perpetual clear is that there's talk radio about strictly to win the division involved worker for the street Albert. Also have to respect the other teams in the division. Looked like he Jack will vote on last year when Jacksonville. No shoo shoo in Mumbai should go to the Super Bowl at the lakers beat Olympic Games slip away the fourth quarter so that you know that they are going to be a cup team to do that salt. Protections. Put up 57 point to get you plugged infusion. Would shell while it was playing they were completely different. What about bill obviously they're going to be to they're gonna get out of it and apple is really. Dominated this series against the pocket and walk to their quarterback. He spoke about what they're going to be cooperative the pops what it last year they departed the Utley popped it pitched it up the chain of Cuba. A great opportunity to win the division but. They're gonna have to play well we've got to stay healthy already three Gaza are well try these games you can't have that traded to you. And you got a big win close games. Jim always a pleasure we appreciate you coming knowledge or couple minutes to look for targeted down the road okay. OK pretty what you'll resume about to what you soon Jim Wyatt from the titans on line of web site titans online dot com. The titans beat reporter joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange spotlights daughter our drivers right now you work arbitrage fair eighty bush years. They'd be getting it done call 844 brought a go to Schneider jobs dot com.