Zaidman: Brewers need to limit mistakes, have to be flawless

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, June 12th
Zach Zaidman, Broadcaster on the Cubs Radio Network and 670 The Score in Chicago, believes it’s more than the Cubs being in the Brewers’ heads. Do the Cubs have respect for the Crew? What has held this ball club back from reaching their full potential?

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We're bringing in now our buddy that is the up pre and post game host also I get a chance to here is a tones every now and then calling innings in Chicago Cubs games yes I do listen. Zags they do now joining us and Schneider orange Collins actually been pal. I didn't know what I'm doing good I as a Brit has a brewers spend this socks I'll tell you that right now. I say that you think that there concert rumors that. I would look at it from a completely different standpoint because you don't have Internet game last night and no one's done a better job. Against borrowers than coaching can China. Going back to. Late July of last year and yet you finally get through after 26 consecutive scoreless innings their entire nation down the brewers. All the certain you breaks through you hit those two or brunch which shall for the position wins by. More so than being in somebody's I just think last night asking shows. The current British or the plan in the playoffs in order. You wanna be a good cheap and take that next step. You just can't make the little mistakes or examples I brought can't boast an audible potential place spot in the home run and then a great play. Earlier in the game work yet team and and made that slightly defensive grab to rob other cups have been hit but on the play in the interest where he worked. Smash ball to right field where cubs ended up on the game. You can't cut off that ball you have to understand situation. That's taking place during the game and understand that. You know he's not the most experienced first baseman and outfielder by trade. Those little things matters the game does not tie and the let's let's go before that where you have to sacrifice fly that takes place where potential purse tasks up first went straight to get to second. Those little things you normally don't see happen but when you make those mistakes. What it does these little houses he has yet Dietrich DNA it in the fact of the matter is that's what the contents. Based on three consecutive playoff appearances and train trip in the middle there. You don't have achieved experienced group ghost types situations. They're gonna pounced when you give them a little bit of Roman I think that's what you witnessed last night morsels and you know someone beans somebody had. Now you and I both know in football you can get angry you can you know take a swing and the guy across from you you can do something in some way shape performed due to changed at least your situation baseball's a different animal you can't just. Salmon hit the ball harder or anything like that so. It in in in I've asked this to teams before that have had winning scenarios specifically in baseball so exact with all the experience you had. How the brewers then figure out how to win the championship style baseball. Both got what what cubs went through because the cubs went through something similar and then all of a sudden everything clicked what needs to collect. I think you're right I won't say it at the end of yesterday's game. And and they understand that they made mistakes little thinks you know it's not the stuff you talk about when. You see the highlights. On T yeah after the game or anyone who's watching me. The highlights the social media so certain up wage. That turned around yesterday's vote in its response that I just mentioned that you're not gonna see counsel. Not just highlights that you learned when the debt for the difference in your part of April all the difference in football news. You wanna limit your mistakes obviously any sport. Including a highest what football but the difference in football is that even if you make a mistake. You can just go up there and make plate if you had superior talent. Different in baseball the matter how good your calendars. And YouTube. Anybody extra opportunities over the course of the game chances are the keys to take advantage of it that's what you saw yesterday to couple in the of the states. You have to play as close to the lowest. And you can't you're thinking we're gonna should or should stage but the teams that would expose. Though those errors those errors they don't count as errors but clearly impact the porting it if you can limit that. You put yourself in a position where he can win and we're not locked in and keep your game and an excellent. In that law in that clubhouse. Do the cubs what what what you think. The view of the brewers he news. I think there's respect for. How good the brewers have been in seasons. A ton of respect for the open. I think here's great respect for some of those orders. That are on the team I just think when when I look at the constant I I know they don't talk about this publicly but. I think what I look at at this cubs team. You know their first place now and they haven't even come close to scratching the surface of what they can be they've not gotten major contributions. From. With two big. Starters that they signed the Nazi Darvish. Got on the DL twice he hasn't really done much when he's been on the field in a toddler trapped with who's been scuffling trying to find his way. Hasn't really been that the major contributor that they call shall order issues and they start to take a look at the fact from authentic standpoint. That is yet to go from one of those corrections that you can't believe we're actually here were crushed by an interview ratio although red hot at the same time. And when that happens the cuts become OP askew is in baseball that hasn't happened yet and I think the things that. Are surprised and so or this is a fact that the columns will open standpoint. Have been right there near the top I think he'll last I saw that two of the top three people and you have to baseball and their. The other thing that has impressed me is the Renaissance of concede it would I don't think anyone expected that coming in but. You know now he's right six game hitting streak to be better than 400 has been front seven RBIs during that stretch. And whether that damage you would bring to baseball club. The key can you are based on what will play going from post season this was a guy who is hitting partner which happened or eight of most of the season. Then came off the disabled list after suffering a carpet at Saint Louis earlier this year and all of a sudden just going. On an offensive standpoint or tactic that started here's a quote actually go the other way or you with the new hitting coach chili Davis and then. Once you start going away pictures start to come inside and that's what you saw last night the problems it will pull that ball to right are part of the game and then have to be kicked. The giveaway in the eleventh getting it. You're bringing back dynamic on a consistent basis to the lineup there's no telling the ups candidacies. I was I Zaman pre and post game post with the Chicago Cubs radio network as well and boy Heyward really is starting to come on not easy getting hit you just mentioned it there he's giving you big hits in big moments in if you did that guy go this guy that you were talking about trying to package up last year get rid of because it was offensive ineptitude all listen he's just kind of figured it out about the same time the team itself is starting to figured I was an Al. Thirteen in the last says seventeen games or something like that they've enabled us to have to win then. Watching this cubs team heat up as the weather begins to heat up. What's the bats come to life is there anything we can put that Timor. Yeah I mean again it. Or worry about injuries but it's a good baseball team I think that's the biggest challenge. That staged the coup was going forward is that. The top surface we we go to baseball team. Big time experience and you're talking about a young core one of most of the guys won't get another in the mid twenty's you not talking about an old key. Keep them as they're very good starting pitching. I think one of the surprises this season has been wiped out. Performance also branded oral. Kaelin the gains in you know that the rich Gary Gordon com there are pictures. There are two to borrow. And from an offensive standpoint I am without even scratched the surface of what they can be as they're they're the top in terms of all the important run scoring category shall I start take a look at that yet. It's her it's pretty special they understand why the court went out of their way to trouble and most of the official oxygen. Peter reminds we a lot of the impact that income Miller had on the Cleveland Indians won that one true. The World Series back in in 26 key. I don't think he's getting more industrial goods orders psychologically. This is where I think it's important from a psychological standpoint. You wonder accomplished you can not picture a lot against the cubs this season. Wonder what back. Ordinance yesterday by the cuts. Yeah it might even be. A team that didn't count you remember what it could result I'll want in the upper deck it like feel you wonder stuff like that. And actually playable mentally going for such important. Is this season winds on line in the cubs continue to play good baseball over continue to play good baseball. The fact that these two teams don't meet in September. And I had asked at a McKelvey who covers the brewers is a little while ago but let's just say the opposite side of the coined the cubs do get. The next game or two against the brewers what then is that level of confidence going in September of this thing comes down to the wire and these two teams are still battling or. Let's say the brewers got the next two does he get into the cubs had at all. Maybe this this team isn't the kind of a bit easier step each other we thought they were and this is competitive thing and suddenly we're back on a different playing field how important the next two games in the series. I think her own comport I think that that's why don't I don't. When they're laid up because they're still important it's it's a divisional game you're going head to head against the key to you know. In all likelihood you're gonna have to be. If you want to win the division so. I know it's June and I know I know some people were pulling bishop restart it or yesterday are both sides. You know because it's it's early on in the year you don't really want to go support of the game and shoot bought. When you consider the opponents are I think it is important because what's the difference with the condition juvenile and September. You know that's the key that gap there to beat to win the division so get these are very important games and I think. Last night anyway it was in the ballpark understands what I'm saying because don't watched a playoff like atmosphere and it is not seen or some sort of supersedes game. They were playing usually it gave apple bit of a extra. Something to would wanna call that something here and I can keep it without that would shall serve well played game and then in the northern city outcome Cristobal or an open. Zack it's always a pleasure to gen Powell keep doing what you do I love listening to you and we'll talk again other OPEC. Or appreciated thicker armor are always top doctors in the.